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    OK, NLL, I’ve got a few minutes to kill before heading out for today’s wedding so I’ll bite.

    ARP definitely is a great example of a faux who has zero interest in improving.  Heck, if the suckers are willing to keep dishing out cash, why bother, right?

    One thing that is true with certain photos is that we don’t always have to have perfect this and perfect that to make it a great photo.   Every photo is a “moment” and some are unique in a way that the technical aspect of the photo can be less than perfect as long as the moment is special.  And although this is not an exceptional “moment”,  https://www.facebook.com/alteredrealityphotos/photos/a.483469361762142.1073741848.251703774938703/611824832259927/?type=3&theater , I’m sure the couple think their son is cute taking a break leaning on dad’s back.  UNFORTUNATELY, Mr. faux has gotten this so far from technically decent to ruin it completely.  Having dad either in a football pose OR “thinking” and getting the colour balance so far off distracts from what could have been a reasonably good if not great shot.  But now it’s poop.  A shame.

    In any case, just another example of a “photog” with a complete lack of skill.



    Have a great time at the wedding picstop! Hope your weather is fair and clear. I’m free this weekend – don’t have another wedding until next Saturday. It’s really a shame – the bride missed perfect fall weather by one weekend – next weekend it is supposed to be raining up in her area. So it goes.

    Yeah, I looked at that one and all I could think of is wow, is dad taking a dump and jr.’s about to step in it? Seriously, it is that bad. But like you said, people keep hiring them.


    When you have to qualify that “yes, their eyes really are this color in person!”
    This lady is local to me. Like, as in, 5 miles down the road in the epitome of rural.


    As always NLL, as always.  I like to say weather doesn’t matter, as long as the couple are in love and getting married (and get a decent photog like me 🙂 ), but looks like same for me as late fall is becoming early winter.  Oh well, they’re in love and I don’t mind snow and hope the rest this year don’t either.

    So, inkh2art3d, that really is a find.  It’s nice that “their eyes really are this gorgeous in person” but I wonder if poor Brantley’s skin is that crappy in person.  Well, as long as his eyes are a nice colour while he looks stunned and zombie-like.

    And from the same “artist”, some of my favourites ( not a lot of time to peruse them all but I’m sure there are some other doozies)…

    A fella that looks so natural leaning against a picket fence (like what the heck?)


    A lesson of how to light a group (or not),


    Another example of not the greatest pic in the world but something that could be cute at least in the couple’s eyes but ruined because you know, the kids that were included to “make” the shot need to be “removed” from it..





    lol the group photo
    “everybody looked so beautiful…and the guys were very handsome…”

    Thank goodness someone decided to describe the picture, otherwise we would have never known

    Land that classic “the eyes are natural” thing that fauxs do.  It always cracks me up.  I would love to collect them, just to show people how often it is said when the eyes look like creepy aliens are going to take over the world.


    Man, that is some bad stuff right there! 😀

    Headed north today – visit with the daughter and her kids before heading to the wedding next weekend. Y’all keep it up – I’ll have plenty to look at when I get back 😀 Hey – rain has been taken out of the forecast for the wedding! That’s great. Wouldn’t matter to me, but the wedding is at an old homestead with some beautiful grounds and I know the bride really wants pics outdoors. SO, she’ll have her day!

    Much like last Sunday’s ‘Magical Moments’ search, I’ll leave y’all with this list for ‘Cherished Memories’ to keep you entertained. heh



    Kind of a coincidence that Altered Reality was brought up again. She is local to me, and seemingly a nice lady (I don’t know her personally). In the past few years her work went from really bad to still pretty bad but now “enhanced” with wonky over-editing. Anyways, just yesterday she posted on our local buy/sell site that her vehicle was broken into at the park in town and her camera (in camera bag), external flash, and daughter’s iPhone were stolen. She posted what kind of camera it was and it is a Sony Cybershot something. I looked it up and it’s one of those “super zoom” compacts (also known as bridge cameras?) not a DSLR but an oversized point-and-shoot. If that is her only camera (not sure) that may partially explain the lack of quality in a lot of her shots. I do not think it’s fair that someone advertise as a professional without decent gear. Now I don’t want to make any concrete assumptions, as it’s possible she had a DSLR camera with her while at the park and the Cybershot is just a backup or something. Of course it’s unfortunate her stuff was stolen. I doubt insurance will cover the loss if they find out she is doing photography for money (I have my doubts that she has a real business or insurance on her gear).


    Omg, I just found this site through facebook because one of my friends likes the page…WOW!  These are crazy bad!  My dad was a photographer back in the film days and I always liked looking at photos with him.  He made a couple dollars here and there but he also claimed it as extra income which I’m sure is more than what these people do.

    I nearly died while looking at SImply sweet!  Her facebook page is bad, but her website is worse.  $1900 for her to show up with her old amateur level camera and lens?  No thanks.  I wouldn’t pay $100 for that garbage she churns out.  I mean, she can’t even get her oversized watermark on right!

    And my word, their eyes!  What is wrong with her that she thinks this is acceptable editing??!

    I’m sure there are worse that I haven’t seen, but this lady seems to honestly think she is a real pro and is taking herself way too seriously.  I think that’s why she jumped out at me.  Maybe someone will report her and the rest of them for tax fraud and they will finally get a clue LOL


    She can edit the crap out of their eyes, but can’t get the exposure or white balance right? Priorities, priorities.


    @bigmama6: hahaha!  She is a piece of work, alright.  Take time to learn the field? Nope, jump right in and start charging.

    :  What you said about her taking herself too seriously and truly believing she is a pro is exactly why I posted her a few pages back in the first place.

    Seems like the only people who hire her are family and friends.  I see the same people in the photos over and over.  Lastly, who puts their zoo trip photos on their “professional” page?  Is she hoping that her next clients will be a family of giraffes?


    I know the bride and I physically wince (as opposed to figurative wincing,) every time I see a new one in my feed.


    Those hunting themed ones are especially bad.


    So here is a new one from my area.  I have no idea how to describe her look.  And a little back ground on her, she is a Art Institute of Pittsburgh student and some how she is submitting her work to a magazine.  Now, I get that everyone starts off somewhere and there is always something new to learn.

    After you view this page, you made need bleach for your eyes




    So, we never had enough money to buy a flatscreen TV and a good monitor. So we bought a 55″ 3D plasma at costco for $500 when they were clearing out their display models that is connected to the computer and the cable box.

    Needless to say, nunya, I think I may need more than bleach. My living room might have had quite a bit of a nuclear-like glow…


    The art institutes, especially Pittsburgh because they are pushing the photography program pretty hard core, are pumping out the fauxtography at an alarming rate. The teachers are not allowed to grade harshly, or give any sort of real critique. Plus, I looked up some of the current instructors and … WTH?!
    Something I’ve noticed: if a student or recent former student of the art institutes ever comes on a forum or in a photography group, you can rest assured that they cannot and WILL not take criticism well. I always brace myself when I see Art Institute of Pittsburg in their description. If they don’t kick and scream over the advice they get, they just stay silent, never to return, and none of the changes discussed will be made.
    Those “photographers” learned all about confidence. It exhumes through their pores by the time they “graduate”.
    I can’t get over how many people they are ripping off and getting away with it.
    They teach NOTHING that a photographer needs to know. Yep, just pumping them out and throwing them out there with a butt load of debt, and nothing to show for it.
    It’s one of the biggest scams out there.
    It makes me so angry

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