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    Well you got me there


    And why really would you need one page for wedding and one page for everything else?  I get that with boudoir, but weddings??

    There are two views.  One is that photography is photography.  That’s the one most news photographers subscribe to.  On any given day, you are shooting a cityscape/landscape, a human interest series, group shots of politicians opening a building or starting a campaign, local sports, celebrity, and so on.  The other view is that sports is somehow different than weddings or portraits, and they are different from landscapes.

    I think there are differences, mostly there is interaction with your subjects, or there is not.  You can shoot sports or wildlife forever and not speak to anyone if you don’t want to, but at a wedding you will probably have to direct the bridal party and guests.  Yet there is a similarity in that you only get a single chance at many photos.  And that is the other area of difference, shooting landscapes, you can stake out the view for days and take exactly the same scene in all kinds of weather and light, until you get just what you want, time permitting.

    Regardless of what you are shooting, media sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture are your main tools along with your lens.  You have to be able to see and record the light whether you are using available light or providing your own.  And you have to have some idea of what might result in a compelling image.

    To put weddings on a site by themselves, or have a site with weddings, portraits, and whatever else you shoot is a business decision that might be best taken with an eye on the prejudices of your customers.  Lots of photographers have a site just for weddings, another just for sports, and a third for fine art, etc.


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    She’s been already mentioned in this thread but she totally deserves it. She’s been posting images like that and now she’s making fun of bad wedding pictures. And that comment “And why would the photographers share these shots? I mean, there are going to be “duds” – aren’t those the ones you don’t share? Lol”. That’s ridiculous. A regular fauxtog takes bad photos and admire bad photos, she takes bad photos and make fun of other bad photos. I don’t even know what’s worse.

    “Oh, I bought my first camera two days ago, it’s a good idea to create a Facebook fan page and post every single photo I take”
    Well, there are a lot of photographers like that, but I noticed this one because she advertises herself on popular fanpages not even connected with photography. And I love the blurry guinea pig.

    And the next one…
    Why do only bad photographers advertise?..


    Now I’m totally confused and I don’t know what’s worse – a fauxtog making fun of bad photos or a fauxtog praising bad photos? She posts photos by other fauxtogs – well, maybe not fauxtogs, but amateur photographers looking for advice… and she will write things like “what an amazing photo, great job, I love it”. Is it me or there’s something strange in this photo (except messy foreground)? Certainly they look so adorable, and so out of focus.

    Fauxtogs cause other photographers to become fauxtogs. Terrible.


    I nominated Lacare Photography way back when for her horrendous mermaid themed shoot! She lives in the same town as me and is a friend of a friend. Her entire page is mostly blurry iPhone shots of her own pets and a few photoshop tutorials that she has shared ( although she claims to not use photoshop because she doesn’t want her clients to look fake.) she has also now started a Lacare Photography nature facebook page which is almost exclusively pictures of animal that she saw one day at the zoo…




    I don’t know why people like selective coloring and the tacky glowy/blurry look.


    Again with the adventures of my local buy/sell group. This time a young woman posted looking for a photographer for her child. A few people commented and then this guy David wrote something about all those cheap photographers who don’t really know what they’re doing and he has many years experience, etc. I kind of chimed in with “I agree” and then the entire thing turned into a huge discussion. I maintained respectability by not calling out any photographer in particular or criticizing the plethora of horrible fauxtography people were posting as examples of “great but cheap photos they took.” It was downright hilarious. One of the best is this girl saying how she is a great photographer and knows what she’s doing and shoots in RAW. I looked at her work and while it looks like she does have an idea about it, it was all very underexposed, bad white balance (everything was sort of green), major focusing issues like focusing on the tree instead of the kid’s face who was sitting in it, way to shallow DOF for a family shot, and distracting/blah backgrounds. She kept agreeing with all my posts though so I didn’t personally call her out. One woman posted that professionals just get really posed shots and fake smiles. She then posted this “amazing” photo of her kid that a local fauxtog took, and said it was so awesome and the editing was the best. A few people criticized it for the neon green grass and heavy black vignette. The kid’s face was way over-softened too. It was funny because some of the fauxtographers kept liking my comments and others that were basically bashing fauxtographers. I guess they don’t realize they’re fauxtographers.

    Some examples:

    <a href=”http://tinypic.com?ref=15eyce0&#8243; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i58.tinypic.com/15eyce0.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    Quote: “Just cuz ppl r cheap doesnt mean they do not have good quality photos. For instance this one.” ^

    <a href=”http://tinypic.com?ref=vrvc61&#8243; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i61.tinypic.com/vrvc61.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    <a href=”http://tinypic.com?ref=29zc6za&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i60.tinypic.com/29zc6za.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    ^ This girl shoots in RAW and was talking about how great she is… nothing to back it up though.

    <a href=”http://tinypic.com?ref=23tgzg3&#8243; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i57.tinypic.com/23tgzg3.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    ^ This one said she can do the session for $15.

    <a href=”http://tinypic.com?ref=259bgvn&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i61.tinypic.com/259bgvn.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    ^ A grandma was raving about these “amazing” photos the $20 session lady took. Yes, all her shots seem to be green in color like this.


    In RE Christina Stuart’s work that amateo posted. Looking through the ‘Bill and Jean’s Wedding Day album, so many just jump out at me, like this one:


    As a wedding photographer, I look at that and all I see is a filthy mirror, all kinds of crap on the floor at the girls’ feet, improper reflection of the flash in the filthy mirror, that cheap plastic hanger on the curtains, and the bride’s shoulders so square to the camera that she looks like a freakin’ linebacker for cripe’s sake. And the over saturation of color makes it look more like a Halloween dress up picture than a wedding picture.

    And looking at these, it is like trying to play ‘where’s Waldo’ when trying to figure out what the auto focus landed on because it sure as heck wasn’t anywhere near the wedding party:



    And the raccoon eyes in that second one are atrocious.

    In this one: https://www.facebook.com/158890087499655/photos/a.501652999890027.1073741831.158890087499655/501961966525797/?type=3&theater – if they had just rotated the bride an 1/8 to a 1/4 turn to get her against that Wall to camera right they could have had a beautifully composed picture with what appears to be some beautiful window light right there just screaming to be used. Instead it is a crappy, flat picture with that god-awful mirror in the way again and all those kiddie toys shoved to the side. Same in this one: https://www.facebook.com/158890087499655/photos/a.501652999890027.1073741831.158890087499655/501961969859130/?type=3&theater


    In this one: https://www.facebook.com/158890087499655/photos/a.501652999890027.1073741831.158890087499655/501962603192400/?type=3&theater – the little flower girl appears to have had her face eaten off!! ACK!! I know you get shots like this at every wedding but why oh WHY would you include them in the album instead of trashing them?

    This photo: https://www.facebook.com/158890087499655/photos/a.501652999890027.1073741831.158890087499655/501997899855537/?type=3&theater – by the fauxtogs own admission in the comments, was a very important photo to the bride – and she was given a completely soft/out of focus shot with horrid split lighting on her face.

    In this one, it looks like her sister is about to choke her: https://www.facebook.com/158890087499655/photos/a.501652999890027.1073741831.158890087499655/501997926522201/?type=3&theater – hand placement, people!! Ugh!

    It makes me seriously ill to my stomach when I see wedding ‘photography’ like this. It is (hopefully) the one and only wedding the bride will ever have and this shite is all she has to remember it. It is inexcusable that someone would call themselves a ‘wedding photographer’ and do work of this quality. Go back to sticking babies in buckets and making heart hands on pregnant bellies  – those can all be shot all over again the next day and no harm done. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY LEAVE THE BRIDES AND THE GROOMS TO THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

    Just had to get that off my chest. I don’t know why I go and look at this stuff because I know all I am going to do is upset myself. I know I said before that most of the ‘clients’ of these fauxtogs often look like refugees from the ‘people of Walmart’ shoots BUT I also can see where they have taken some pretty average people and instead of portraying them in flattering light and combination poses to be the best they can be, they have TURNED THEM INTO people of Walmart photo contestants.




    I’ve quickly looked at the odd post and posted crummy photos on this site from time to time and I feel I ought to finally say something.  Now, I haven’t read every post in every thread so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been said but, “it’s not the faux’s fault”.  Just plain nasty hurt-my-eyes and assault my senses crap isn’t necessarily the fault of the fauxs out there.  People actually love the results and praise them.  Why should they get better?  Case in point, NoLovelossless goes through some very nasty “product” by a faux who should be required by law to be prohibited from using a camera.  However, this was not her first wedding!  She has a raft of clients from weddings to boudoir.  And every one of these people, including their families, just fell in love with the results.  Hell, I’ve shot a massive number of weddings over the years myself with many many weddings at my own church.  The rug in the sanctuary is blue.  I’ve seen other photographer’s results where the rug is green.  Their clients did not notice.  Mine did but that’s a different story.  The point is, many people out there are more than happy to settle for garbage.  No doubt that Christina sucks massively but her customers love it.  The world has simply become a more pathetic place where garbage is praised.  And again, on the flipside, at least I don’t have to entertain emails and consults from these customers as they happily flock to people like Christina.


    This was suggested by someone for wedding photography. https://www.facebook.com/BudgetBridalPartyServices

    It’s all crap. Then I found the “wedding photos not taken by me but edited by me” album. One of those photos was used in her advertising collage piece. Um, hello… copyright infringement….


    *sigh* I know what you are saying, picstop, I know. *sigh* Kind of reminds me of the old saying ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse.’ And, what’s more, I know a lot of these folks ARE poor –  ‘real’ wedding photographer feel completely out of reach to them – most of the wedding events are obviously done in family homes/yards/small churches and the people attending are plain, simple folks. These are not people who can whip out the check book and get David Ziser or Jerry Ghionis to pop in and document their day. But, dammit, it just breaks my heart for these folks. There ARE affordable photogs out there. And many, like me, willing to work with the couple to come up with something reasonable in their price range and still give them good quality.


    Good Lord fstopper89 – She is atrocious! And, indeed, if ‘you aslo get the expirience I’ve gained from the planning and preparation I’ve done for several other weddings over the years!’ then how come she has no photos of her own to show for it???? And I LOVE this one: https://www.facebook.com/BudgetBridalPartyServices/photos/a.691538427538135.1073741825.499380863420560/799251556766821/?type=3&theater – I think the power lines add that extra special touch, don’t you?


    *sigh* the world keeps on spinning, doesn’t it?

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