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    This is my first post here, but I have been lurking for a while. I came across this guy and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.






    LMAO… @alarnold I just came here tonight to link Krissy Ann. I too found it via Facebook (one of my photog friends wrote a review “1 out of 5 stars” so I clicked on it and saw all the rigamaroll about the N word. She blocked me from commenting as well after I commented “you’re a fauxtographer with zero class” LOL.

    I want to know how she has over 4,000 likes. Must be like ladders or buying likes because her photos are awful… like she has a point and shoot I think. That blog site is hilarious too. I can’t believe how much deep shit that girl is in. I vote everyone goes and comments, messages, and reports her. Heck maybe even contact the IRS on her 😉 Because she’s making soooooo much money just on photography, and it’s her full-time job, I bet she’s paying taxes right?

    By the way here’s her “modeling” page. Side note, I don’t have anything against tattoos but my personal taste is this much just looks AWFUL. And that hair. She’s a good-looking girl but to me she ruined her body. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Krissy-Ann-Modeling/184173305021432


    She has a Nikon DSLR, not sure which. I was unable to tell. But her photographer is better than she is.

    And for the KC guy, 4 programs make his photos look like even worse crap. I think he did 25 years of photography with a Disney Viewfinder.


    Finally had a chance to really take a look at this KC guys stuff. Took awhile to get around the quicktime errors which may actually may be an error on my side since I do not install quicktime on my computer. Then I made it to this “Special Effect” gallery and hurt myself from laughing. I guess this guy just happen to get Photoshop/Lightroom (or one of the derivatives) and then starting posting photos using every last one of the filters that came with the program.

    I can’t lie and say I never played around with all the filters cause I have. And I think I only have one photo that I liked from messing around with that I kept to hang up. But out of the thousands of photos I’ve taken this year, it is only one photo. And I believe that I have gotten better over the year in taking and post editing my photos. Where as before, I was basically manipulating them. And with that being said, I do not have a gallery set up showing all my failures. Then again, I also have some that are keepers and not all junk.

    This is just absolute horrid  http://www.portraitsbyandrekc.com/PBAKC/Special_Effects.html#grid

    Has this guy been around long? Anybody know if he is getting any better? Cause I’m not seeing it.


    I looked at his facebook page, and it appears that he hasn’t done much since July. Maybe he’s taking a break to take some classes. 😉


    Royce – D3200 or D5200, based on comparing an image online to the one posted on the previous page:


    The 7000 series has the window on top, while the 3000 and 5000 do not. The 3100 and 5100 don’t have the mic on the left side or the orange record button on the right side, so it’s either a 3200 or a 5200.


    I looked around at B&H and the D5200 is the only one that matches. Has like mic holes on the popup flash and only that one mode quick selector for motor driving.

    B&H has a 360 view.



    Wow, so Krissy Ann tries to market herself as a photographer AND a model?  I gotta agree with you BEG, she looks REALLY slutty.  Not in a good way, either.  And the photos aren’t good either, her skin is way orange or pink in several, just for starters.  Don’t get me started on the over-use of duck lips and the same damn pose every time, either.

    As for the KC guy, I was gonna say, there is no way he is using full frame.  I mean, is it even possible to mess that up that much?  No one spends as much as FF costs to be THAT bad… the D5200 makes much more sense.

    AND lol @ Sleeping Giant.  No use of physics in that picture.  And what’s up with the name?  Could these photography “companies” these days have any worse names?  Though my favorite is still White Elephant Photography.


    I hate that chopped off at the wrist fist to chin pose…


    White Elephant Photography lol! Krissy Ann’s called Game Over, which isn’t exactly the most positive sounding name.

    Worst Case Scenario

    Seth, there’s nothing wrong with this pose…


    He’s obviously holding a mask in front of his face!

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