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    http://www.thumbtack.com/il/olney/portrait-photographers/experienced-women-child-photographer     –    experienced enough to have green babies in her gallery.



    Seth, what part of SEMO? I used to live in Springfield, worked in Branson and hung out in Ozark, Sparta area which is where my grandparents lived. Traveled to Sikeston, sedila, Preston, Neosho and Joplin all the time.


    Crooked photos make me laugh though.


    This is from the way beginning of the stream though.

    But still, they make me laugh.

    But, the couch is perfectly level!  Too bad about the building.  Perhaps it is related to that tower in Italy?


    The Keystone tool In C1Pro would fix this in an instant!



    This photographer approached me and gave me her card.  I didn’t look through a lot, but that baby is frightening.


    OMG that baby is very intense. LOL!!


    WHOA GIANT BABY! … Seriously though, that is one aggressive first page.


    Have a look through budoir gallery, it is worth it for the giggle. Nothing screams sexy like a pop up flash

    Also, that baby looks like he wants to eat my brain


    Tiradia – grew up mostly in Farmington, spent a lot of time in surrounding areas, too.

    snaphappy – just walked up and gave you the card for what reason?  To induce heart failure?  Walking Dead baby.


    Let’s talk about him again, because we kinda passed over him and now this guy is completely unprofessional and harassing my friend who is a photographer.


    The Digital Lightbox and his “slanted horizons” and fake vignettes:




    I know what you’re saying now, BUT THAT GUY CAME HERE AND SAID HE’S A PROFESSIONAL! Well, does a professional send e-mails to other photographers asking them not to bring cameras to public events? Does a professional scream when other people do bring cameras to public events? Does a professional wait until yet ANOTHER (not my friend) photographer sets up his gear (WHICH HE HAD PERMISSION FROM THE EVENT STAFF TO DO, even though he didn’t need it since this was in public and all) and run over and start whining to him? Does a professional shoot overly dark photos in overcast light and then whine that his photos suck because people were in his way?



    I need to hear these full stories!! LOL!


    He has now banned my friend from being a vendor at the event because her boyfriend was one of the photographers he was threatened by. Someone also made fun of him, and he’s now threatening “legal action” against people for “harassment”. Literally, the comment made by someone was that they knew actual professional photographers who could show up to the event to capture it. This guy is like the meat of the people that come here to defend themselves – threatening to sue because somebody said mean things about their photos on the internet.


    So first off, he spent last years event trying to get in my friend’s way because he felt threatened by his better equipment. This guy was using a Rebel with a kit lens and a pop-up flash and my friend had a mid-consumer Nikon (5000 or 5100) with him that day, but a better lens and an SB-700. So that guy spent all of last year being mad at my friend, whose girlfriend was a vendor there. Oh yeah, and my friend? He got them their band last year AND this year (same band) and one of their vendors (which there were only two last year and three this year). So he’s a good guy, helped the event out and all, and then this guy is mad because he’s taking photos. The event goes by fine and my friend posts his photos to the page, just like every other person that was there – they are deleted. My friend posts them again, thinking FB had an error… Deleted. Third time… Deleted. And my friend was blocked from posting on the page.


    Fast forward to this year and this “professional” writes a letter to my friend’s GIRLFRIEND – the girl who is vending at the event – and asks her to make sure my friend wasn’t “in the photographer’s way” because “he’s the official photographer of the event” and then rambles about how he didn’t get any good photos because my friend was there (instead of him not getting any because he sucks – just look at his page “The Digital Lightbox” – he posts out of focus and overexposed/underexposed stuff daily). My friend, trying to be professional about it both because he does make some money via photography, and because his girlfriend was selling stuff at the event, didn’t say a word about it to this guy or to anybody.

    Fast forward to Friday – night before the event – and this “official photographer” sends a message through FB to my friend telling him to leave his camera at home because he’s not welcome there with his stuff. My friend, pretty much having being the official photographer for the band that was playing, does not leave his stuff at home. During the event, the guy comes up to him and says, “ARE YOU WITH THE BAND? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING HERE? I’M THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER.”

    That’s just funny, right?! So my friend says to this guy, “Do you ask that of everybody with a DSLR? I see lots of people here with cameras.”

    The guy says “Well you have really nice stuff, so I figure you must be with the band or something. I’m the official photographer for the event.”

    My friend laughs and goes back to shooting the band. He posted about it on Facebook via his iPhone or whatever and everybody was getting a good laugh about it. Somebody decided to go post on the event’s official page and poke fun at him…

    Now he’s banned the girl from vending, keeps messaging my friend’s friends, and is threatening “legal action” all because a girl said “I know some professional photographers if you need one for your event.”

    Crazy people out there!


    Oh and I completely forgot. So this other guy stops in because there is some sorta group there that talked to him about photos – he asks the actual event organizer if he can set his stuff up, and the guy says “yes”. So he pulls out three speedlights and stands, a reflector and a diffuser and his camera. All of a sudden the “official photographer” saw him and runs over – “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! DO YOU NEED HELP HERE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”

    So basically anybody with better gear than he had was harassed and yelled at because his penis was too small or something.


    I… I have no words, joehomeowner.

    Very sorry to hear that you are dealing with actual real-life problems because of fauxtographers!

    Worst Case Scenario

    Some people are jerks, get used to it.

    This guy is hardly on a par with Justine……

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