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    Not 2 u girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That whatever it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL..

    ITS Fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT needs help……………………..

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…………………………………………… Do u have a Fair Tale LOVE STORY??????????   https://www.facebook.com/MagpiesPhotography?sk=app_1377140045856033&app_data……………………………………

    This Bitch is not really the best ether……………………. LOL………



    TO Dark…………………..


    She has a Fucking  Cigarette in her hand…. REALLY…………..


    Thought I would share.



    Wow simply amazing!! actually about the same level as your work.



    I am NOT photographer…..

    SORRY U get me FUCKED up!!!!!!!!!

    My Name is Brittany Smith……… The Bitch u don’t want 2 FUCK with from THE VILLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wowza, msbitch, are you one of those ghetto-fabulous chicks from my town who go around saying “Imma fuck you up!” when they see their “baby daddiezzzz” with other girls at the bar?

    I mean this is a photography forum, not “look how much of a tough bitch I am!!” forum. That bus left already, and I think it stopped at the Citgo station off the bad highway exit in Milwaukee.


    msBitch save the drama… after all you’re using the internet to act tough through :/ If you aren’t Sweet Monkey Butt then it wasn’t meant for you, however if you are as many of us thought/think then my comment stands. 🙂


    The constant use of “the f-word” by MsBitch2468 just proves her lack of vocabulary.  It does not make you tough, deary, it makes us pity you.


    Where’s the “Ville” anyway?


    Thanks for the info re lawyer impersonation!

    And that Romeo dude is a real piece of work.  I’d never be with someone who’s so hung up on appearance before even meeting you – would feel like I was never loved for myself, even if I fit the bill to start – would be paranoid to ever change.  He’s seriously insane.


    As far as the Magpies craptastic fauxtography, isn’t that logo for Moonpies??


    And that Romeo dude is a real piece of work.  I’d never be with someone who’s so hung up on appearance before even meeting you – would feel like I was never loved for myself, even if I fit the bill to start – would be paranoid to ever change.  He’s seriously insane.

    I can’t believe he’s single!


    Monkeying Around Sweet Photography
    7 hours ago via mobile
    “Always Remember to Smile when your sad.
    Remember to not Jugide someone if you don’t want to be Jugide you back. Jesus, don’t Jugide or live anyone behind for he knows the way & he went to the Cross for me & you! If you are hateful we Pray.
    & Congrats to my Best Friend Marissa Smith who now works with here at Monkeying Around Sweet Photography! Will, Share her work too! We can’t wait for our Studio. Book us today or her or Me!:)”

    I just can’t see it. Her spelling and grammar are so perfect!!! Why would anyone Jugide her?


    I’m sorry, I just had too :/ does that make me evil?



    ex fauxtog fan

    I confess to having regularly checked out YANAP to indulge in a quiet bit of schadenfreude.  I am not a pro, nor will I ever be but I think I have taught myself enough about photography to appreciate the true dreadfulness of some of these pictures, both in conception and execution.  After a delightful moment of “what were they thinking!!?” I’d get back to my life.

    Today I idly checked out the forum.  While I have every sympathy for the professional photographer undercut by a chancer with (at best)  “all the gear and no idea”, I can’t reconcile myself to the vicious feeding frenzy that I find here.   Administering a verbal lynching to  desperate targets does nobody any credit and I am confident that no decent professional photographer would even consider wasting his or her time to do so.

    The likes of Monkeying Around is never going to be of consequence to a professional and IMHO, should be left to the obscurity from whence she came.  Even if she was foolish enough to raise her head above the parapet, we all know the chances of a real customer (never mind lawyer) are slim.   Surely the effort would be much better spent rooting out those individuals actually capable of conning the unsuspecting into hiring a fauxtographer?  I’d rather see serious plagiarisers and cowboys brought to light, not the shameless bolstering of self esteem by the denigration of those who are no threat to anyone.

    I can no longer see this web site as an innocent pleasure – frankly, I feel rather ashamed of myself.


    Worst Case Scenario

    I’ll stay out of the Monkey business but kudos for using


    We really should have a word for that in English.


    I think Sweet Monkeying Around would have disappeared a long time ago if not for the whole “I’m a lawyer” visit.  I honestly pity her.  It seems like she has some mental issues or a learning disability, or maybe just did not get any education.  Either way, I’m tired of beating that dead horse.  Magpie is more awful to me, as she passes the sniff test for a actual “fauxtog” that might fool somebody into purchasing her services.

    I could not find a search feature to check if this one has already been done, but I am hoping it hasn’t.  This one is a bonafide fauxtographer.  It even says so in the name of her business:

    Heartfelt Faux-tog-raphy


    She has it all folks.  Tons of props.  Shitty soft photos.  “On location, natural light photographer!” AKA I don’t have a studio space or even a fucking flash.  Lots of props though.  Plenty of shots that still blown out, have white balance issues, etc.  Also making guest appearances are the always appreciated white vignetting, wrinkled backdrops, selective coloring, etc.  Special guests include lots of “Photographer Posts” that she has liked and shared on her page.  Something you don’t often see though are photos of her photos, taken with her smartphone or SLR while they are being displayed on her desktop monitor in the editing softwware.  This has to be one of the worst ways to share a photo, as the image quality is further degraded, making it appear at about the worst level imaginable.  So, let’s roll that beautiful bean footage:


    An example of the shot I was talking about.  Bonus points if she leaves her watermark on some of the photos in the middle of the collage!


    Love that this one was done on the railroad tracks, but the typical ways that you use railroad tracks as a leading line are totally ignored.  Instead she did this from the standing or slightly crouched position, with the subject being out of focus and blown out.  Wonder if the photo had to be done in black & white because of white balance/light issues?


    Another shot of her monitor.  Really?!?  Why not just post the damn picture itself.


    At least we can tell from this shot that she is shooting with a Nikon D3100.  Hell I have a D40.  It was my first camera.  But I wasn’t charging people or had a photography “business” site.  I still don’t in fact.


    This poor child looks like they died.  And the shot is extremely soft as well.


    Selfies in the drivers side mirror!

    Worst Case Scenario

    Wow that’s a whole new argument….. Can you really be a Fauxtographer if you call your self a Fauxtographer. I suppose it could be a double bluff, like calling your self a con man, cos no con man would ever do that. But I suspect they actually thought it was a cool sounding name and have no idea about this site.

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