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    @CC, I was also totally thinking miner as well and wondered what the occupation of the subject had to do with anything. Hilarious!


    Let’s not get me confused with the person who is impersonating a lawyer who cannot spell.

    My name is Bill, there are more then one of us out there named Bill. Bill Gates, Bill Shakespeare, Bill Clinton and so on…

    Please refer the comments about Monkey whatever the name is to the Bill that goes by coolmommy12, Thank you!

    I think we should refer to the other bill as LawyerBill from here on out…or LawyerBull.



    Whoever gets sued, can you please show us the papers because this is promising to be absolutely hilarious.

    I hope I get “surved” and the letter is written in crayon.


    ^hopefully they draw you a picture too!

    And lol to this:
    So first there was a fake lawyer, and now she made an accout to pose as aa fake photo thief. haha I’m dying


    Oh goodness, the person responsible for ‘Monkeying Around’  is the sole admin of this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198288607010334/

    This is for use New to the Photography world.
    Where you can ask for CC’s or just to let us see your Great Work.
    You don’t have to feel bad for your work Because if someone say’s something Mean about your work there getting kicked out..

    It has 70 members!


    Thank you ebi for clearing that up. I was starting to get a little defensive, not sure why, but I was.


    God DAMN HELP.


    & That Lawyer Shit is FUCKED up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to be FUCKED SUED & A PICTURE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @Alexandra… What is “and lol this????????????????????????????????? I don’t fucking see anything ..

    But, how old is this Bitch 2????????????????????????????????????


    @msbitch2468 it was a screenshot posted by Monkeying Around Sweet Photography of someone who stole their photo by cropping it to conceal the watermark. The profile was clearly fake, because the caption (which said something about them having taken this photo that day) was written in the same incomprehensible language as anything ever written by Monkeying Around Photography. Also it was taken about a minute after the “photo thief” had posted their photo, so it is clear that this was set up.
    To sum things up, I said “lol this” because:
    – Monkeying Around Sweet Photography went to a great extent to make themselves look like a victim of something they were guilty of earlier
    – The poor grammar and incoherent flow of ideas in the thief’s caption could only have been written by one person…
    – The owner of Monkeying Around Sweet Photography tried to impersonate a lawyer, and now a thief
    – No thief would would want to steal that blurry rose photo with gaussian-blurred edges https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=502382226513267&set=pb.483534371731386.-2207520000.1380084562.&type=3&theater

    Also, who’s this “bitch 2” you’re referring to? I don’t think her age matters when it comes to looking at a photo or situation critically and judging whether it’s good or bad, and deciding, for example whether it’s appropriate to charge someone for a certain kind of work, or whether impersonating lawyers and thieves is a good idea. But if you are referring to me, I’m 21, and I’ve been coming to this website for the past year to learn what not to do. I often submit my work to online forms for critique so I can continue learning and improving. I have two camera bodies, four lenses, a studio with proper lighting equipment, and until I feel like until I know exactly what I’m doing, I will not be charging anyone for my work.


    ^hopefully they draw you a picture too!


    This was kind of the idea I had in my head…I love it!


    So I’m a little late to this convo, which is freaking hilarious, but are people really THIS bad about reading their facebook user agreements?

    It seems most people don’t understand Facebook is public domain. If you don’t want pictures of your kids floating around the internet, Facebook is the last place to post them. It actually says in the user agreement that you click I agree that they can sell your pictures and posts for advertisements. I think THAT is even worse than someone posting a link to your picture.

    Oh, and they don’t even NEED your permission to sell the picture, because they already have your permission from your user agreement.



    Also, who’s this “bitch 2″ you’re referring to?

    It was written:

    But, how old is this Bitch 2????????

    but it would have been clearer if written:

    But, how old is this Bitch?   2????????


    For whoever it was that asked – it’s not completely illegal to impersonate a lawyer. It’s a state-by-state thing. The most important thing is that for anything to happen, the lawyer would have to complain or join in the complaint. If they don’t, then there is not really anything to go on.


    And now, because if you were anywhere on the internet today, you might’ve heard of Romeo Rose, Sleepless in Austin…


    He’s a wedding p… fauxtographer:


    That slideshow is the bomb! Nice cropping in that first one, oh man! I love the blur of the fourth one! The vignette on five and six is amaaaaaazing!


    (If you somehow missed this guy, here is a good write up about this insane dude: http://www.dailydot.com/lol/romeo-rose-sleepless-in-austin-ad/ )


    thanks for the clarification @cameraclicker – found that one  a little hard to understand with all the random punctuation and everything.

    Also, this one here was obviously done on purpose – parodying fauxtographers and all – I found it to be pretty hilarious, so I thought I’d share:


    OMG… this thread just got FUCKING ENTERTAINING! Lol! When I saw that there were this many pages since I last was here a few days ago, my thought was “dang, I bet Justine finally found her way here and is throwing a fit.” Yep, I’m 100% right. Justine (or should we say Lawyer Bill, coolmommy, or jucie whatever), welcome to this site.

    I’ve never seen anyone butcher the English language in quite the manner that you do on your fauxtography page, and yes I did see that new group you created for new photographers, and for some reason you have multiple personal profiles (one with your last name and one where you’ve taken your boyfriend’s last name?). I do feel bad that someone was calling you at 1:00 AM. That’s about the extent of my feeling bad.

    Newsflash crazy chick- you are “talking people into taking their picture” with what, a cell phone or some crappy point and shoot? The sad part is you’re not even charging faux prices, you’re charging upwards of $100! I’m pretty sure all these “bookings” you have are made up BS. The photos on your page are of your son, and are photos of yourself your friends took, and photos by Walmart and various other entities that you’ve “edited” (in other words, added neon text and clipart to).

    I did also catch the “bitter sweet memories” thing. Memories you capture shouldn’t be bittersweet. They should be sweet. Bittersweet means sad but happy, like a child entering the military or something.

    You’re just one confused person with an I.Q. of like what, 70?

    You cannot sue people for linking public website URLs. If you want criticism to stop, first remove the original source, and second, well stop doing everything you are doing. Slander and/or libel have to be false statements in writing, online, or in person that directly damage a business’s name or profitability. You for one do not have a legal business, so that’s null and void. No one here is saying “Justine is an abusive mother” or something like that, which could be considered an illegal statement unless it were proven to be true. They’re saying your photography and grammar suck. Both of which are truths, and the photography part is an opinion. And well, if the majority of competent, intelligent photographers say your photography sucks, then yes, it does. If there are any smart computer nerds here who know how to track IP addresses, I’m pretty sure they could prove that Lawyer Bill is sitting on your couch right now.

    Your logo and poster are something that a 4th grader would have made to advertise their lemonade stand. I mean come on.

    A lawyer, by the way, knows how to spell and properly capitalize words.

    One of your props includes a dirty white laundry basket with a silk-like blanket. WTF?

    Um yeah, and your son is not a miner. He’s a minor. Big, big, difference. I don’t think he’s old enough to take an axe and chisel down into some cavernous mountain and get coal.

    Sorry my thoughts do not follow a very consistent flow here, but this is all just too funny.

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