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    I am disgusted by this.  I occasionally do charity shoots for people I know that don’t have money and deserve it.  However, this fauxtog is urging fellow togs to shoot for strangers, FOR FREE!   Fauxtogs by the hundreds are signing up!  This is one of the ways these fauxtogs devalue the industry.  I am sure many of them are just looking for publicity that they cannot get, due to the terrible quality of their work.

    If you have a good heart, it doesn’t take a tragedy for you to do charity work.



    I dunno, the idea is there, it’s sort of a memorial for the kids in that shooting. It doesn’t look like she’s saying “do all your shooting for freeeee” but that’s she’s asking you to hold your own event, where current clients nominate one family who otherwise couldn’t afford pictures. I do think she’s doing this weirdly, because why you need a whole list of participators, is beyond me. The Idea is there, her execution is just terrible and not really useful.


    It’s been done before, I think this one started in 2008: http://cameraclicker.com/Compare/DOF/DepthOfField.html, http://freephotoproject.shutterfly.com/2778?eid=112 and http://www.facebook.com/FreePhotoProjectFanPage.

    I’m having trouble seeing how anyone doing portraits for people who would not otherwise have portraits taken would devalue the photographic industry.


    I must admit occasionally I too give photos away, but usually it is a marketing tactic and I am doing it to create future sales. Occasionally I will do some free work for not for profit organisations. This has two benefits – an obvious one for the organisation, and another whereby I strengthen the community image of my brand.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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