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    As a joke?  No.  As an attempt to educate.


    @lincoln What’s the fauxtog going to do?  Sue him?  I think not.


    I am requesting my family photo to be removed from this site.  I, nor did my photographer gave anyone permission to post this.  Please remove.  Thankyou.  And as far as this tog85 person….whom started it all and then just “magically dissappeared from the conversation”….Secret is out……cough up….we all know who you are…… I see you everyday.  Small town????  Remember??  Joke has been on  you.  Quit trying to cause shit.  Get a life and a real job!!


    @glowatski — Your permission is not required by anyone posting the photo for the purpose of discussion about it.  Equally, your photographer’s permission is not required.  A third point is that your photographer does not need your permission to post the photo as a representation of his/her work.  However, the whole point of this exercise was to educate you, and possibly your photographer.  I hope you agree that the picture looks better without the bright stick in the foreground.  Even if you disagree the picture looks better, you have seen the power editing software makes available to change an image.

    The files have been deleted from my server.  If you try to view them, you may find you still can.  This is because web browsers keep copies on the local hard drive, which they use to display content faster than they could if they had to download everything, every time.  You will probably have to clear the browser’s cache before you get a message saying the content can not be displayed.  Or, just try it from some computer that has never been to this site.

    Happy American Thanksgiving.


    @Glowatski, cameraclicker is right, there is absolutely no permission required from either you or your photographer to post a link to that image to any website. A real professional has a contract; in their contract there should be a point pertaining to the photographer’s right, as the artist and copyright owner of the images, to post and do whatever they please with the images. The photographer posted the image on her public photography page on Facebook, and a link to that as well as any commentary associated with it has not violated any rights. You can request your photographer remove the images from her FB page. She legally does not have to, but if it’s a friend, may side with you. If this photographer didn’t have any contract for you to sign, well number one, that’s just plain stupid, number two, it’s kind of “anything goes” since no terms were put forth. By default the ownership and copyright of any photograph belongs to the photographer. You/your family, by allowing said photographer to take your picture, ultimately agreed to the “risk” of the image being posted and critiqued.


    Well, this thread got entertaining while I wasn’t looking!

    We still have no evidence that the OP wasn’t just trolling (and successfully, I might add).


Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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