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    Worst Case Scenario


    I met some one today who had signed up for this course. Apparently they are advertising heavily on UK daytime tv. They were drawn towards this course because it includes a copy of Photoshop yet the whole course costs less than buying PS.

    Unfortunately when the course papers arrived the PS disc was not in the envelope, but they decided to start the work anyway. The first task was to submit a set of images and include the speed and aperture and focal length used for each shot. But as they had not been taught anything about focal length they decided to get a “tutor” to phone them. The call came through 2 days later than the agreed time and the “tutor” explained that the focal length was the distance to the subject!

    I advised them to seek their money back.

    But a quick google search on this course found an ex student who had tried to complete it but found that some of the things they were asked to do in PS were not possible. As the “tutors” were of no help, they contacted Adobe and were told that their copy of Photoshop was in fact an old version of Elements!


    Thanks for linking that WCS, I wondered if it was this one as they’re the only adverts I’ve seen – I’m surprised as this is a well known company.


    WCS. you finally got the link to work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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