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    Oh. Hey. I um… didn’t mean to offend if I did. Really do like alot of the elements. When I got up this morning it hit me that I gave a first impression view without thinking it all over. I still think different shoes in the forest one would help draw the eye to where it needs and there’s certainly inspiration there to expand on the shot more. Also not happy with the sharp shadow under the jaw in the other one.

    I did really like the wigs, though, and what the saturation/etc techniques did to them. Added a slightly more pop art appeal.

    There’s also something about the McD’s food/tray layout that makes me keep staring at it. Couldn’t figure out exactly why it seems off. But still really liked the way your torso is posed with the drink, and the wig.


    I wasn’t offended by anyone except soaring and Im over that. I dont mind criticism but when people get harsh for no reason that makes no sense…or accusing me of ‘outing’ someone. To me its not that fucking serious to be honestSaying pop art though… made it worthwhile. One of the goals with the McDonalds was pop art themed. Thats why the colors are bright ala Warhol. Originally I was going to do my makeup in the same colors as Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe but I was too tired ha.

    reality check


    I didn’t  get the same feelings or come to the same conclusions as soaring at all.  I think that it’s this forum that jaded her perspective.  We get a lot of togs coming on here just to bash other togs to try to make themselves look better.  They start out saying they are anybody but who they are, and come to find out they are guilty of the same crimes they are claiming the tog they posted about are.  We also get less than forthright people posting their work, and when people don’t come back saying they are the best darn photos they have ever laid their eyes on, they get bent.  Like I said I don’t think these scenarios are anything like yours, but I can kind of see why soaring may have jumped to the wrong conclusion.

    to you it’s not serious when the above scenarios take place, but to us… Well it’s what we do.  Photography is our thing, for us it is serious, and I think it puts us on the defensive when things like this happen.

    now, on to your dilemma.  I think if this tog is a friend, or someone readily available to you, and you can see the potential in her/his portfolio… Why not stick it out?   Especially if the tog is interested and is getting something creatively out of it.  Maybe by continuing to work together you can finally “get it”.  Don’t think of  it as instructing the photographer as much as just communicating with them.  If they are wanting it, this could be invaluable to them.  If this is a no go, then I would look for a tog that shoots closer to what you want and is more experienced in directing/posing and more a vanguard. Yes, the editing needs work, and is an important part of your vision, but you can’t get to that without first having the right image.  I would think you wouldn’t have a problem finding a tog to work with.  Fun fun fun!  You’re fabulous


    I understand that but as a client I cant work with haughty photographers…especially ones that say ‘you dont know what your talking about, im the photographer’ when I suggest something. (not implying anyone here did that just a peeve). I appreciate photography its just not a medium I’m uber passionate about or know a lot about. And somethings are not ‘technically correct’ but if I like the effect, I like it.  i.e. the fog effect. It perhaps wasn’t done the best way…but you can tell its there and thats what want. Thank you, I dont know I am pretty difficult to work with being as opinionated as I am. I.E the super airbrushing of the skin, I didn’t even mention that. I LIKE that look. i dont want it to look like skin and to be honest its impossible to make it look like skin anyway considering how much makeup I wear. You will never see pores or real skin period ha… I’m not a scandinavian model who can wear sheer foundation and see freckles etc… So that part I like even if its wrong but it not matching my arms and legs… that is a problem. I’m sure its easily fixable but I imagine I’m a frustrating person to work with…and impatient so you have to factor that these images were edited in 20 minutes…


    Honestly, I think the photographer could have done a better job in-camera. Some of the background and/or other elements in the photo are distracting. The processing gave them each a unique feel… my first impression with all of them was shock value. You’ll have that with the subject matter (after all, you are a drag queen!) but the high saturation of colors and funky toning just diverts the attention away from the actual photograph. The photographer isn’t terrible, and they have potential, but like someone else said maybe it was a shoot style they haven’t done before. I don’t like the shadows in the McDonald’s photo and I agree that the twisted branch in the 3rd photo is too intense. I liked some things about the first photo except there were some distracting background elements. The photos aren’t quite my style so I might not be the right judge of them. They definitely have a unique style to them.

    I do question, however, you getting defensive about owning all the rights to the photographs. I understand that some photographers will do that, especially if it’s a friend of yours. But the vast majority of photographers will keep their copyright to their work, and give print releases or distribution rights. While you may have given the photographer a lot of input on how you wanted the shoot to go and/or how you wanted the edited image to look, the photographer after all still is the artist so your desires may not have had much to do with the final product. If I were the photog I would feel a little defensive toward you, as the model, claiming your creative genius was a large part of the finished images.


    As a person who has assisted in preparing drag queens on Halloween, I can attest to how difficult you must be to work with 😉

    no one on this earth is more self conscious and self aware, than a drag queen.  BUT editing and subject aside, I tend to agree with browneyed and the above posters.  The tog fell short in camera.  When that happens, you won’t have the foundation you need to get the desired look.  No ammount of editing will make up for it.  Unfortunately, you are right. photogs that know their stuff, aren’t going to take to kindly to you taking over.  There’s an element of trust that would be broken, and I don’t think it would go over very well.  You need someone that knows flash for sure.  Natural light is not what you want.  It’s too soft for what I believe is your desired outcome.  I think if you found a good strobist to work with you would be much happier with the images.  And btw an experienced strobist wouldn’t even flinch at the thought of setting up in the woods.  Good luck in your endevours


    The majority of those photos were also taken in the extreme heat that was this summer and as you can imagine…makeup melts. But lights would have been great but at the time wasn’t possible and tbh I doubt I would have been patient enough to wait for setup in the hot woods etc. But I would have liked it. Natural light definitely isn’t what I ever want ha. Actually I’m not too self conscious, I’m pretty self aware. I don’t really care about editing in everyday photos and used to hate editing and airbrushing period… but this particular photographer made the editing more artistic and shocking (to me) or extreme and that made me like it. If it was just my airbrushed face I don’t think I would like the impact as much unless there was lighting involved. We did experiment with professional lights etc but that was for indoor shots. Those things are hot!


    The newer continuous lights use fluorescent bulbs and are bright but not hot.  Studio strobes are also not hot.  The older continuous lights however, were called “hot lights” for a reason.


    If there is anything I hate, it’s seeing someone throw their supposed credentials and/or prices around, as if that’s what makes them a good photographer. Sometimes that is the case, but mostly, it just smacks of an ego that’s out of control. Ten grand, huh? I looked at your photos. There were a couple of exceptional shots, but mostly, they’re just mediocre crap, just like the stuff that comes from every other photographer that has an overblown, giant head and loves to talk down to others.

    Now, where was I? caligula, those pictures aren’t perfect, but I really like the direction you went in. I would’ve personally gone for a slightly brighter, less hazy finish, though. These pictures scream for a clean crispness they don’t have.

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