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    Here are a couple of my images…I didn’t shoot but these were done to my own specifications. i.e. I said what sort of color saturation, editing etc to be done. I’m a drag queen so I am obviously edited lol but they were meant to look editorial-ish








    The post processing done to these photographers overall are quite mediocre.  Though the first photo has some promise to it, every  photo fell quite flat. and as harsh it is to say, I don’t think you are even in the realm of editorial at all.

    In all photos, it’s seems like someone just discovered curves and decided to mess around with colour, saturation and lighting. The colours in all the photos contradict each other and are too dominating. Remember that colours have a pallet and they need to compliment each other.

    The first photo is probably the best one however it has quite a bit of work.

    Work on Fine Art Retouching, the first photo might look nice but you’ve softened and blurred the skin which is not how you retouch skin for editorials.
    Work on Dodge & Burn
    Might have been done on Camera, but the editing made the highlights burn.

    The second photo is probably the worst one

    Over-saturation and colour manipulation has caused the seat, table, and her elbow to grain up and loose information.
    Too much contradicting colours.
    Too many light sources – I.E the window on the left is fighting for attention, however this was more the fault of the photographer
    Photo’s not even levelled.

    This photo has redeeming qualities.

    Work on where you shoot. The stick on the right is dominating
    Whatever misty/blur thing you did in the background of this just doesn’t work. There are plenty of tutorials on MM to achieve whatever look you want to have
    Irregular skin tones kinda give me the idea that you only edited the face but neglected the hands and the thigh area.

    Anyway, if you are the one doing the editing. Don’t over saturate and don’t over do the colours. Check out MM, they have plenty of tutorials on how to do nice Colour Grading.


    I didn’t edit them… I just gave instruction on what I wanted… I mentioned Annie Liebovitz and steam with that woodland one. I didnt put imput on the cheerwine or mcdonalds actually.


    Oh and I noticed that with the face only being edited, I wasn’t happy with that myself but I was told that I’m too difficult.


    To be honest, it just sounds like your back-pedalling your input just cause the results were not too great. Since you’ve clearly stated your involvement in the editing process, I don’t think you are completely innocent from this.
    Most of the edits faults were on the colours and the saturation.


    To be quite frank, these are pretty horrible. The composition is bad and the editing is worse. The skin tones are doing some really crazy things in the second photo in the neck area, for example.


    I said I wanted them edited and was involved in the forest one in person, I had zero to do with the cheerwine one even though its my favorite. And I had not very much that I remember to do with the McDonald’s one. I don’t even know how to use photoshop lol… I mean they served their pupose but I find little things wrong with them the more I look. i.e the skin tone. Most of this persons photos are really washed out so i wanted them to be brighter than his other work which I found pretty dull. And the effects such as smoke were def my imput but it was just ‘click click click’ in random areas.


    I don’t get it? You said in your OP that ‘these were done to my own specifications’ That’s why I think you kinda back pedalled a little. You initially said that you had control over the colours, lighting, for these photos and now that they are found to be the worst part of the photos, you only had input in one?

    What did you do with the smoke in the 3rd photo? To be honest, that’s what ruined the 3rd photo the most.

    What’s the point of this thread??
    If your post was to out a Fauxtographer then why did you initially say you had input in the edit?
    If your post was to get critique on certain photos then post photos up you had nothing to do with apart from the modelling?


    I really like the first one.

    The second one, the shadow under your jawline is far too dark and… you’re at McDonalds? The set-up looks a bit odd. Your personal posing and make-up seem a bit nice, however.

    Don’t like the 3rd one at all. Could probably suggest some diff. shoes with the outfit. Have any slippers or the like which would go with the cape or skirt? Could also suggest a different angle. My roomate does drag on occasion, though it’s a bit more on the goth side than queen. I was supposed to photograph do the variety/drag/burlesque show here in STL but ran out of free time.

    In photography, men look better from below, or the side, etc. while women generally do better if the photographer is above them.  My roomie works well from above, however. It also depends on which features you want to accentuate and what you’re trying to get across.

    For the third image, I like your general idea, but might have suggested a shot from (your) right a bit with the photographer squatting slightly and you looking at about the same angle, though maybe sadder? More peaceful? But for the main one, I’d suggest them behing up a little bit higher. Maybe try a few closer ups with you a bit more off center, as well as some further back to take in the landscape as well.

    If you’re ever in STL, I’d love to go do some photos in one of the local parks.


    Imput isn’t execution.  I said I wanted more saturated colors than the normal work I had seen. I had imput but nothing to do with the execution… as far as the colors, I myself don’t see a problem with the colors.  For the third photo, I think the shoes look clunkier than they really are because of the angle. I do wish they were different shoes. As for the lighting, its hard to do professional lighting in the middle of the woods…I just think the proportions in the third photo are a bit bizarre. I like the first one even though I actually had nothing to do with the execution. I didn’t get to pick the specific shot either unfortunately. There are always shots I like better but I’m overruled because I don’t know what Im talking about.    http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/30494145

    that is more along the lines of the usual style work, faded looking which I definately didn’t care for. I like the more saturated and deep colors as opposed to what I think looks faded.


    That doesn’t really answer my question though? what is the point of this thread?


    to see the thoughts on the photography whether or not my photographer was good…


    So if it was to out a photographer, then why did you initially say that you had input on the lighting at all. Input isn’t execution no,  but you yourself stated that you said how you wanted things to be done with colour, etc.

    I just find this thread really bizzare and filled with a lot of backpedalling.

    Also, it’s against modelmayhem rules to not credit the photographer. Seeing as he’s your only photographer, talking smack behind his bad might not be the best thing for you.


    I’m not talking ‘smack’. You all are. I’m not completely unsatisfied and the photographer isn’t just my photographer but a personal friend. I had imput but the execution wasn’t done by me…I’m not a photgrapher or retoucher, my limited knowledge of retouching should have been enhanced with real knowledge by someone who does this…


    Furthermore its not to ‘out’ anyone…it was to see opinions.

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