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    You’re missing my whole point.

    He’s using his position as a high profile photographer to get young girls to do drugs and sexual favours for him…when he’s in that mode he’s not a photographer and he’s producing crap photography. Though those in the porn industry would think differently I’m sure.

    When you look at his body of work as a whole…..well, most of it is crap. I’m sorry but it is. It’s him getting his jollies off and taking advantage of young girls. Even the stuff that’s not considered crap is questionable. (BTW, his body of work is not just on his main website..he’s got many websites)

    If you didn’t know who Miley was and you didn’t know who Richardson was and you saw those photos from the page I posted above, those images would be candidates for the front page of this website. But you guys are excusing him because he’s photographed famous people… so he must be good.

    I’m sorry but that doesn’t wash with me. I’m calling him out as a Fauxtographer. Emperor’s new clothes and all.

    PS….Very sad, people say they don’t like what he does but that they recognize and respect his work as a professional. This is why he gets away with taking advantage of young inexperienced girls, getting naked during shoots and asking them for hand jobs, doing drugs during shoots…etc. It’s not just him either….sadly there are many….another rather famous photographer has recently been outed and he’s finally being banned from certain groups where he preys on unsuspecting models. Now his work was amazing and one to aspire too. Sadly he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

    PPS….by not holding these photographers responsible and saying that you respect them as a photographer you are in effect part of the problem. You are helping them to victimize young inexperienced young people by making it difficult for these models to come forward and making it difficult for them to say no.

    Guys like these give photographers a bad name.


    Being a sleeze and being a fauxtog is not the same. He is unprofessional but not a bad photographer. None of those Miley cyrus shots would happen by accident, look at them again and you’ll see that there is far more thought put into them than just a compact with a small flash on it, trust me. It doesn’t matter if it works with Joe Bloggs off the street, it doesn’t have to. It has to work with the subject in mind and in this case it does. Is it amazing photography technically? No, most certainly not but think where these shots will be seen and who the target audience will be.

    None of us have to hold him responsible, that has to be the people who employ him. It has to be the editors that give him assignments, it has to be the modelling agencies who supply the models and it has to be the police if he does something illegal. Simple as that.


    Honestly it should fall on the clients to do something about it if the model speaks up. They could put an end to his behavior by making his career suffer but they all want Terry Richardson photographs. Miley wants to look sleazy. It’s part of her new “urban” image. So for her, Terry is the perfect photographer. And honestly our society is kind of obsessed with sex and sleaze. At least that is the way that popular culture seems to have been going over the last few years or so. Lot’s of movies being made about porn stars and even some celebrity action among porn stars – James Deen, Sasha Grey, et all. Hopefully it’s just a fad. Probably not, though.

    I respect Roman Polanski’s work. I love his films. I think he’s an amazing director. But I know he also raped a 13 year old when he was 44. That doesn’t make me like Rosemary’s Baby or the Pianist any less. They are both really amazing films as well as just about everything else he’s done. I think it’s totally acceptable to respect the artist and the art while holding the man in contempt. In Polanski’s case, I think he received an unfair trial and served his time. The charges need to be dropped at this point. It’s just ridiculous. Even the victim seems to agree with this.

    I’m wondering, if you took a look at one of the lesser offensive images of terry’s work and didn’t know it was Terry or a celebrity, would you think differently?


    I’m with you @tammylynn. Just think.. if I (a nobody) were to take these photos of a friend of mine (non celebrity), I bet everyone here would think that they are trash. But since he’s known, his photos are a “style”


    or we would say they look like terry richardson’s photos…


    I think this is ultimately intentional sleaze-photography. It’s meant to look dirty and scandalous. It’s supposed to look like she’s the “young, aspiring model – turned broken sex toy”. It’s all about Miley’s disgraceful “new image”. This is THE guy to do the job.

    Personally I don’t have the stomach for that man. This set could be considered “Faux-ish”, absolutely, but it is intentional.
    If this spawns some terrible movement of styling this way, then we have a serious problem on our hands. Many people won’t understand the irony here and I’m sure there are already Faux’s out there claiming that this shoot “inspired” their shoddy work that followed.

    Realistically, I will say I hate this shoot.


    I don’t know why this thread annoys me; the guy is a douche, but he has never claimed to be anything but.  There are no illusions as to how he behaves.  He acts like a low-life dick, and his photos cater to the image he has created.  His look will be gone shortly and he’ll either have to come up with something else or will fall to the wayside.  These young girls (women, actually) are being fucked.  They are being fucked by their agents.  They are being fucked by their parents.  They are being fucked by the industry.  It’s not just the photographer.  It’s the whole damned institution.

    Yes, I’ve worked in this world.  I hate it.  Porn to me is more sincere and honest.


    Terry Richardson could be photographing the Pope or the Dalai Lama for all I care. I agree with TammyLynn in terms of his photography. By his photography and his photography alone, it’s not that appealing. But I pay attention to the photography alone. If my favorite photographers like Herb Ritts, Dave Lachapelle, Matthew Rolston, etc. were perverted, it wouldn’t stop me from admiring their work.


    Terry Richardson could be photographing the Pope or the Dalai Lama for all I care.

    Now that is something I want to see!


    alarnold.  Thanks, that’s all I wanted someone to say =)


    Ethical issues aside, Terry Richardson is actually a talented photographer.  The harsh flash faux look is a tiny piece of his portfolio. He’s very experienced with multiple flash work and studio photography. He struck gold using on camera flash and  contrasty processing. But make no mistake, he canshoot. So in terms of him being “faux”…no, he is definitely not faux.

    Being a a sleaze and abusing his position of power is a different story.


    Out of all the pictures I’ve seen of his. The person that takes the pictures of him with a celebrity is a better photographer.

    But also, I’m the one sitting here on this website while he gets paid. Nobody said life was fair. Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne put out crap also. But they are famous and getting rich compared to the kid on American Idol that sounds better but got booted.

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