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    So a certain family member (a cousin of mine) wants to try to “one up” a Christmas gift given to my grandmother from last year. The gift last year was a giant wreath with little clay stocking ornaments with everyone in the family’s name on each (7 brothers and sisters + spouses + grandchildren+great grandchildren…There are a lot). Needless to say my grandmother thought it was such an awesome gift she leaves it up all year.

    Now to this years awesome idea… the cousin opened it for input but didn’t accept any lol:

    ” Each of the cousins will hold up their number (based on their birth order).  Their significant others will hold up the +1, +3 (whatever number signifies the number of other people in their family.  The kids of each family will have their parent’s number, along with a letter (5a, 5b, etc.)  This will allow for each child to have their own sign as well, and then it doesn’t have to be one picture for an entire family.  Obviously if you don’t have a family, then you would just hold up your number, and the rest of the details are irrelevant.  So as an example:  If Liz is #5 in the family, she will hold up a ‘5’.  Tyler(Liz’s Husband) will hold up ‘+3’, and then Alaina(Liz’s duaghter) and Violet(Liz’s 2nd duaghter) will be 5a and 5b.  The parents will have to be in the same picture, but this way the kids can be in the same picture or separate and it will still tie them together as a family.

    Does anyone have any questions or concerns?  Remember, please use an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, and make your number large on the paper.  You will probably want to put it in a frame or glue it to cardboard or something so that it is not flimsy.  You can use any color/print you want for the paper and the number, as long as you are able to read the number!  Try to be creative… no white paper with a black number!  And be fun with your pictures… think of poses or props that represent something important to you/your family, what you like to do, etc.  Or at least look like you are having fun!  Also, make sure that the resolution is good enough that it can be printed into at least a 5×7. These will all be put into one big collage.”

    Personally I have some experience in photography( studied it in a recent class with a lot of diverse content photos taken and critiqued in class), but I really just cant put my finger on what I can do to  not look ridiculous in these pictures. I understand that I am holding up a 14, my wife + 3, my son a 14a and a 14b on my wife’s pregnant belly(at least I think that’s what we’ll hold up).

    Any input would be great. The only thing I could think of just to make it look even more ridiculous or add at least a laugh to it is to do mugshots with our number on the little sign…


    That makes no sense! The rest of  the family is actually going along with that ridiculous idea? Good luck! Poor grandma is going to be very confused 😉


    Yes Everyone is going along with it. The pictures are so bad….


    Is your relative an engineer? While the idea of a family collage for Grandma sounds fabulous, the numbering system is terribly confusing and distracting. Unless your Grandma was a librarian, then she might appreciate the dewey decimal system of family classification.  Sounds like a setup for both YANAP and Awkward Family Photos.


    Actually yes she is. I feel like we are writing an outline for our family…. yea I though about posting the final collage on both just to give people a good laugh. My grandma has no filter, so hopefully she doesn’t bash the numbering too harshly….


    I have seen this done with 1 family and a pregnant women kind like a 1+1=3 it was not to bad


    LOL!  I worked in the library while in high school and spent years doing engineering.  It makes perfect sense to me.  If your wife is still pregnant, your wife could have a sign:  +3 2/3  or +3.666

    Chinese families are arranged around birth order.  Everyone relates to everyone else based on their, and their parent’s birth order.  If you are the first born and have several siblings who have children, their children will have different names for you depending upon your sibling’s sex.  If those same children were to refer to your youngest sibling they would have different names again.  By comparison, we just call our parent’s siblings aunt or uncle depending on their sex.  The Chinese seem to be able to keep it straight but for anyone trying to learn, it is a pain.

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