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    It sounds like your definition of intellectual masturbation is anything intellectual, or any sort abstract thought at all. That’s pretty much what I’d expect.



    PS .. and really, you want to invoke Max Weber and monopoly of violence or any other proponents of these theories on the issue of whether people should pay taxes for services rendered on a shit forum like this.. wow, that is sad.   Maybe you participate in other, more legit forums, discussing such issues so we can actually chat about these issues as adults?

    Though I really doubt it as it’s easier to pick on people here than hang with equals huh? Prove me wrong. Please? I don’t WANT to dismiss you as just another young, smart, decently read, completely worthless all-talk-no-actual-substance like so many of your wanna be hipster friends..  so..


    What companies do you have?  Remember our agreement on the issue “pics or gtfo”? It applies here… talk shit, now back it up? What “many companies” do you own that pay taxes Jason?  Loooove to see you back up your talk. Please please, prove me wrong.  Do you mean “First showing”?

    Seriously, “anatomy of a state”.. god, can you get more basic? Anything else I’ve not read multiple times?


    You know what.. ignore all I’ve said.. ignore I’ve asked you for anything.  Nothing you could say now would change the fact that you’re all talk (ie regurgitating others thoughts without an original thought of your own) no do.    Ask yourself, what you’ve done to actually do something about your beliefs besides trying to cram them down the throats of random anons on a forum while spewing your holier than thou judgements.

    Good luck sitting on your ass in Addison Texas knowing you’re better than everyone else out there actually living in the world and doing things to make it a better place. Yes, I’m sure your pretty real estate pictures make the world a better place allowing you a judgemental perch to sit upon while casting down the little people around you.

    I’m done with you..wasted enough time.


    hahahaha, oh man I think I broke it.

    catalogue of errors:

    -Supposing I’ve invoked Max Weber right after I posted a Rothbard book.
    -Supposing I am attempting to have some sort of meaningful discussion or debate about politics or philosophy with you or any of the other field mice here.
    -Assuming I don’t post anywhere else.
    -Assumption that I am much younger than you.
    -Really strange notion that claiming to have company means claiming to have some sort of big business, rather than a simple legal entity created by filling out forms and paying a fee.
    -Concept of value applied to collectives.
    -Continuing and almost fascinating preoccupation with my evaluation of your worth. Did I hurt you that bad?
    -You seem just about ripe to start with the “Texas, therefore you are stupid” line. Try it, this will surely work.


    Okay, I’m gunna douse this flame war now and remind every one that this argument was started by a guy who ran into the thread calling everyone scum.

    Rule #1 on any forum: Don’t feed the troll.


    Al, your avatar is just plain awesome.



    Some states pay a bounty on the tax collected.

    A fauxtog not paying taxes is pulling a fast one, and the legitimate businesses paying taxes are the victims. It gives him an unfair advantage. Being dumb and not having insurance is a risk but he is the one that will suffer. However, evasion is both illegal and unfair to businesses that do play the game.

    That said, nobody likes a rat.

    Open Focus

    I’m confident to say I’m not a fauxtog, but I don’t have a business license YET (actually working on getting my application in this week, just trying to scrounge the $$ for the fees…) That said, I have yet to take photos and get paid enough to really figure in sales tax. So it’s not like I’m avoiding taxes, but I AM starting out, and still holding back on doing any major work until I get to my starting point. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Still, I think if you are intentionally hunting people down to out them for tax evasion, it’s going to reflect poorly on you. I’m not trying to talk legalities, just from my perspective it seems petty.

    Open Focus

    Thinking again on this, I’m sure that once I’m registered and have my freelance business up for a while — I’ll probably think the same. Looking through some local photographers I know aren’t licensed I already feel inclined to report them.


    Oh Al. You got trolled…. Although I do like your line of “35 and having contributed more to society”  Ido want to hear that!


    I have many companies and all of them pay taxes.

    Ok so why are you against reporting people for not paying THEIR taxes? This makes no sense to me. Look at Greece’s financial situation … tax evasion there is rampant and that is ONE of the reasons the government is going bankrupt there (that and the government needs some trimming).


    And this is going to drag the rest of the EU into further economic troubles and will drag the rest of the world down with it. Taxes need to be paid! Of course the government needs to be accountable and responsible with these taxes but taxes MUST BE PAID!

    Also, in some legal jurisdictions, you can be accused of complicity in a crime if you knew of the crime and failed to report it. (ps. I’m not a lawyer),

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