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    I was hoping to get some constructive criticism, please!



    Basically what I’d expect from any chick with a camera with enough sense to delete the worst shots.



    I think its bad to belittle your fellow photographers in your area especially when it seems like you don’t seem to be doing any better than most of the others. IMO it makes them seem desperate for clients.




    The shots all suffer from the same major defect…background .  Spend some extra time in finding your POV.  If you still cannot eliminate the clutter then adjust your aperture to blur it out.


    I just noticed, the request was posted in 2012!  Suddenly it’s at the top of the pile again.  Anyway, …

    Just looking at your home page, the photos are a bit uneven.  Most of them don’t really pop.  They are flat.  I pulled 3 of them down and edited them with Photoshop CS5.  All 3 had the same issues, your black point was off, contrast is off, and more sharpening helped too.  In Photoshop, Levels, Curves and Unsharp Mask were used to make the changes.  If you want, I can post the edited photos.

    If you get into your page, there is no obvious way back to the home page unless you edit the URL.  Not a big deal but I noticed it so I thought to mention it.

    Your web page makes it work to identify a photo!  16 of 23 in Couples – she looks like his advances are unwelcome!  In another area, it is 8 of 16!  It looks like the same photo appears at least 3 times!  It would be nice to see more photos rather than the same ones in different orders in various galleries.  It looks like they may have been post processed slightly differently as well.





Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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