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    Hey all, just looking for some CC on my photos!




    Thanks in advance!


    There’s a lot of photos in there and a lot of duplicates. If you put your favourite 15-20 on flickr I’m sure you’ll get a better response. Also, what kind of photography do you want to be doing?

    As for a quick CC your portraits of the kid with face painting aren’t well lit and look a bit dull with flat light. The girl in black bra you’ve put focus on her chest rather than her eyes. A lot of your shots don’t look all that sharp though I suspect that is facebook doing it.

    The only thing that really stood out was that your friend is using his figure of eight abseil (rappel) device wrong and I’m pretty sure it isn’t all that safe the way he has set it up.


    Thank you!

    As for the guy that is abseiling, that’s me, how long have you been climbing for?


    about ten years or so


    Ah, then we should know what we are doing then! Obviously I don’t! Whoops!


    Hahah…I had to take a look myself after I read the comment. Very interesting setup.

    And…sorry to hijack the thread…but where do you all climb?

    With regards to your shots, I’ll comment on the two most recent shots:

    Stars with crane in the foreground: Be careful with over editing – you can see a halo around the crane, especially around the right edge. The exposure time is just a hair too long for the shot, so there are some very, very short star trails on the larger stars. Also, given the necessity of high ISO for this type of shot, noise is prevalent…but that’s subject to the limitations of the camera body. Post process with a couple different noise reduction programs should help on that end.

    Sunset with silhouette beach foreground: The drama in the skies is great – good job keeping the composition of the foreground to the lower third to give more attention to the skies. Make sure the horizon is perfectly level, but I think for this case the curve is indicative of barrel distortion – this is easily corrected in post. Solid capture of a sunset…and that’s it. It’s just a sunset. There’s really not much else. While that may be the intent, the shot would really benefit from a stronger foreground that leads to the subject…along with a more de-centered subject.


    Haha, the rope should go around the “stem” of the figure of eight to give the proper amount of friction.

    I mostly climb on the grit of the Peak District and Welsh winter (like Scotland but more fickle) but I’ve been around Europe and to Central Asia


    Personally, I’ve never liked the figure of eight as an abseil (or belay) device – that badboy gets hot and can turn into a mess if the rope is remotely kinky.

    Very nice! I’m a climbing instructor based out of Maryland, USA.


    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, that annoying halo when a photo has been sharpened…. Oh well! As I’m just starting out editing, I have not yet figured out how to get rid of this annoying problem, but am working on it!

    As for the figure of eight, I was trying a new technique that a mate showed me using double ropes. As pointed out the heat generated by the rope can be detrimental, so the rope is set up to run through the crab instead of the usual way…. Not a fan, but still a good thing to know!

    My dad, who used to climb in the UK, and has FA’ed many climbs here in the south west of Western Australia, once told me that the correct way of abseiling was to go super slow, so there was no heat build up…



    Who is the model with all that hair?


    She is just a local lass, who doesn’t mind getting in front of the camera, loves ACDC as well…… Why is that?

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