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    I posted my portfolio a few months back and actually got a lot of helpful tips. I wanted to share my newer work and get some more tips that will help me continue to improve.


    Use that link to view my recent work (Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t do the actual photos justice, but I don’t have the new photos showcased anywhere better yet).

    My site:

    Any comments are appreciated ūüôā I’m always seeking ways to improve!


    this one is bad: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=617369941663024&set=pb.147629415303748.-2207520000.1381779729.&type=3&theater

    It’s a very awkward and unflattering pose for both of them.


    you cut her feet off in an odd place. I don’t like the guy version either but at least you made a better decision on crop on that one.


    You need to decide which is better: Color or B&W? Then go with the one you choose. Not both.

    Overall everything is very clean and pretty. It’s good photography, not great. I would suggest moving around more with your subjects. and try not to pose them or put them in posey situations too much. Stuff like this is much more interesting and unique: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=533761176690568&set=pb.147629415303748.-2207520000.1381779729.&type=3&theater

    Also your watermark is annoying.


    Ebi- I appreciate the criticism.

    The one that you said was “bad” was a client request- and she wanted to make sure the “save the date” boots were easily seen. I can kind of see how you think they look awkward- but it also doesn’t bother me at all.

    I agree with the girl and guy “homecoming” photos with the bad cropping. That was my fault while taking the actual photograph, as I didn’t notice their feet were cropped until after I got home. I already slapped myself for it ¬†and completely agree with you. But I also knew my clients wouldn’t mind the cropping as much as me. They still loved them even though I wish I could have caught it beforehand.

    The posting of the color & B&W photos side by side is a personal choice. Sometimes I like to showcase both, so I do.

    I also like my watermark. It’s simple and subtle.

    I also don’t “pose” too much. I usually get them in a general pose and then have them interact naturally. I need the posing to get variety and so my clients aren’t constantly asking “what should we do?” (When I first started, I didn’t pose at all so this was a big issue and I didn’t know how to answer at a time). I figure my clients know what they’re getting when the book me, and like my “poses” so I’ll keep them. The only heavily-posed photos were the senior and homecoming photos (high schoolers). Oh, and certain families since they don’t know how to “act” in front of the camera. I get what you’re saying though. It really comes down to the client with how much I choose to pose them. Some are naturals. Others need more help.

    And I know my work isn’t great. I’ve only been doing this seriously for a little over a year and I’m constantly trying to improve. I am very happy with how far I’ve come in the past year though. Thanks again.


    Technically your photos seem good – but I’m only learning so maybe I’m not the best person to say. What I did what to say was, I think you need to be more¬†mindful of your compositions and backgrounds.

    For example, (and I’m sorry but I can’t see how to link it as it’s in the slide show on your website), you have a lovely photo in your children section of two young girls, wrapped in a blanket, smiling at¬†each other. The focus, colours, and most importantly their interaction and expressions¬† are¬†really nice. Also, I like the way they are positioned, looking up at one another. However, the composition and background don’t do anything for the image. The background objects, like the car and bright white square are distracting and¬†also the subjects¬†placement in the comp and negative space detract from the impact of the subject. IMHO with a much tighter crop, this would be¬†much better.

    Also in other images there seems to be strong vertical, diagonal and horizontal lines in the backgrounds that are also distracting, like poles coming out of peoples heads etc. that again, are distracting.

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