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    Opinions? Am I a fouxtog?



    Joey K

    I really like your photos ^^

    You are no fauxtog, everything is fine =)


    Thank you!


    Firstly, you’ve bared your soul to a potential school of piranhas and that takes guts 🙂 plus it shows that you’re willing to accept constructive criticism which I think removes you from the fauxtog category.

    I only looked at the first page (sorry, time restraints) and there are some nice images but the bulk of them would benefit from the rule of thirds. Learn that and apply it to your pictures, then see how they look. The sweet 16 profile…. not a good shot due to her nose shape. When using a dodge/burn use masks as it gets rid of that “edge”.

    Keep shooting and asking questions. 🙂




    I looked through every picture and was blown away from the majority of them. Good work, sir!


    Definitely not a fauxtog. One thing I would recommend is to not leave so much head room in your portraits- the guideline is to have the eyes in the upper third of the frame unless you have a good reason for not composing it like this. Overall, good work!


    I see some solid consistent work! There are a couple that may benefit from better composition or cropping, but they really didn’t stick out that much. I liked what I think is HDR with the classic cars. It actually reminds me of a scene from the kids’ movie “Cars.” Is that HDR? You seem to embrace lifestyle photography and experiment with different techniques a lot. Keep on that path.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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