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    I agree with your title.

    You have a few nice shots, but are “artsy” and lack a clear focal point to draw me in. Also, most have been over-processed with Ps filters or lack clarity.

    They remind me of my early years experimenting with everything from light painting and long exposures with a zoom ring to applications of Topaz Perfect Effects without knowing what I was doing, just to experiment until something looked cool.

    Keep shooting! ๐Ÿ™‚


    I like

    Bokeh spider

    though I would be inclined to crop tighter, or clone, to remove the yellow bokeh ball to the right of your spider.

    I like this too

    1st Wedding

    but it needs a little work to remove the black blob from the top left corner.ย  Think about also removing the hand rail shadow behind her right arm.




    Supp folks, LTNS.

    Anyway, it all depends on what you are trying to do. If you are not trying to sell your work you are not a Faux period.

    If you are trying to do people shooting I can’t help ya out. Don’t know a thing about it. If you are trying to sell art what you have is a good start. The pits at the beginning are nice. I like the viewer telescope here.ย http://www.flickr.com/photos/yajdynasty/9420077454/ย IF it were me, I would prefer the telescope not be quite so centered and maybe at more of an angle ย to give it a touch more depth but fairly minor critiques.

    SOME of the cars are quite nice while others are technically correct but have to much going on in the background. (people, etc…)

    Beyond that, keep doing what you are doing….


    Thank you for the critiques and words of encouragement. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love photography because of the different styles and technique you need to learn or used. These images have all been a learning experience and for each one i have improved. Still working to become better at photoshop but mainly i used camera raw to do all the editing. What i strive for (might sound stupid) is to make each image different (different as in hard to replicate) as well keep my style in each one. I don’t water mark because to me that ruin the image. I will keep everyone posted as I love critiques. It makes me a better shooter and photographer.


    Do you charge?


    let me put it this way cause that is kind of broad.

    These are personal shoots where i didn’t charge (testing & experimenting), however if they liked it. They pay for the prints and any equipment needed to give them the files or images i.e cd or their own thumb drive. Not sure if you consider that a charge.ย These collection of work is mainly for portfolio (school) and for me to learn and have fun with no client capping me with limits.

    I personal have done paid job but is nothing artsy or anything like these collection. I do more photo journalism work and some events. So if you consider that then yes i charge.

    Like my title mention, to each their own and the more i shot and edit the more i start to developed my photography skills (need to start somewhere). Right now you can tell i am learning the tools in photoshop but what i really want to do is street photography. a 28mm on a dslr and be good ๐Ÿ˜€ I like to learn film too but there is no one locally who will spend that time to pass down that art without charging a leg or arm. I am also a broke college student, who just invested a ton of money into my first full fame camera and decent lens. btw i don’t charge for my photography. i charge for my time and equipment used to give the client the image (I need to buy ramen somehow).

    Hopes this answer the question ๐Ÿ˜€


    I would definitely use a longer lens for portraits. The 28mm focal length is just not at all flattering and really should be avoided for portraits unless you are working at a distance or are purposefully going for distortion. If you could get your hands on an 135mm that would make such a difference in those head shots. I know being a college student doesn’t make it easy to save and acquire lenses, but you could rent one if you have a photoshoot planned.



    Look at getting a 50mm lens. Even the very cheap ones will produce amazing images paired with a FF camera body. You didn’t say what brand you are using but at least half my portfolio is shot with a Canon 50mm f1.8. Cheap looking, cheap to buy. Amazingly tack sharp images so long as you don’t shoot wide open and even then, it is not horrible. While not as good for portraits as the 135 suggested above, it should be well within your budget even as a college student.


    For more pro shoot or paid shoot i will rent gear otherwise I will just shoot with a 28 because its fun for me. I like that lens and getting close to subjects or wide shots. I started out as a canon shooter (school package) then sold all my gear for a nikon gear. Just like the nikon lens more i guess. As well a lot of pro shooter i know have nikon so we share lens ๐Ÿ˜€


    Do you pay your taxes on paid shoots?


    I agree with Gerbles on the lens length. For your environmental shoots with the dogs the 28mm seems to work okay. But for shots like this,


    It’s quite unflattering as it makes the subject’s face look much bigger. Also, I know you said you like getting closer but in portraiture this would make the subject uncomfortable.


    @CoastalTog Yes, I am a graphic designer freelancer and pay taxes for design and photo jobs. My flickr account only host my unpaid shoots that I do around the house or places. I don’t have no interest on posting pay jobs because is not what I like, is what the client want.

    , I do understand what you guys mean. I just prefer 28mm ๐Ÿ˜€ I have a 50mm too and got a 70-210. I agree with the close up making subjects uncomfortable but they don’t mind because I learn to make everyone comfortable with me before the shoot.

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