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    Hey guys, ill just jump right in. Basically i have been taking photos for just under a year now and was wondering if there is any substance in my work. I have no way of receiving advice or criticism or support so here i am, looking for honest opinions guys but there is no need to be overly mean, if you have nothing constructive to say and just think my photos are crap then atleast phrase it in a way that wont make me want to curl up into a ball and cry as i question the unfairness of the world.

    here are a few of my photos organized from the first few i ever took to more current pieces,



    Thanks in advance for every and any comments


    So… I see horizons that are not level, some photos that might benefit from a tripod, some strange colours.  That pink one of the house has what looks like a paper clip at upper left, but I think it is part of the antenna attached to the chimney.    I would say they are an interesting collection but not my cup of tea.  But don’t sell your camera and quit, either.  Your photography is just more “arty” than my taste, I prefer more natural looking photos most of the time.  In the news yesterday some painting was auctioned off for a ridiculous amount, and it was a large canvas with a few rectangles of colour painted on it!

    I like Orange Sea, but think it might need leveling.  Burning Son is pretty cool but the sun in the sky is “sun” and your male child is “son”.   Run has the feel of running through the woods and gives me the creeps!   I think I would crop DSCF4843 on the left side about where the lower branches cross.  Purple Sea does nothing for me at all, but from the name I can tell it is what you had in mind.  Join some of the on-line photo clubs and enter their contests or check out their critique forums to get a wider view.


    Thank you very much for your words, i appreicate that you took the time to look through my small colection. Bear in mind that everything i say from here onwards is coming from somone with no  academical or practical training in photography, as clichéd as it may sound i have simply been, from a young age, fascinated by film and photography. So my approach to photography is basically trying to capture in some way what i see in the world, not neccisarily just through the way i look at it on the surface (artsy fartsy, i know) trying to incorporate the feeling brought on by that setting, place, time or whathaveya.This all encompassing approach is more of an assporation than anything, i am far off to say the least in reaching the stage weherby my camera and software are an extension of my imagination. Im still realy experiemnting with my photogoraphy whether that be edeting or capturing to portray diffent ideas etc. With my “influences” being more at the arty end of the spectrum, spec. Ryan Mcginley and such like that has allways been the sort of output i have been aiming for. I have no intention of quiting or even necessarily sticking to the styles that you have seen in that gallerey. To address your comments dirrectly i agree with all that you have said, apart from the comment on “son” this was intended to be a sort of word play on the idea that the photo was taken in an big old abbandoned house, which obvioulsy would have been passed through generations, familys etc, hence son, and obviously the visual nature of the “sun” as in the big yellow shiny thing in the sky.

    Anyway, enough about the weather, thank you again for your comments and taking the time to look at my collection of photographs!!


    I think many of them have the contrast pushed too far.  Some have the saturation pushed too far.  When taking landscape photos, you should never have unfocused images.  You have an eye for interesting things, you just need to study up on your technical skills.


    You say ” So my approach to photography is basically trying to capture in some way what i see in the world, not neccisarily just through the way i look at it on the surface (artsy fartsy, i know) trying to incorporate the feeling brought on by that setting, place, time or whathaveya.”

    This can be a valid form of expression. Problem is I feel you can’t ask for constructive critique on something that personal or artistic. When you do this type of work and it’s not for pay or you aren’t hired for it, it’s art. Are all your photo’s my taste? no. but you love them. I think you have some technically faults you should probably work on, like this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/into-the-dark/8186184600/in/set-72157632012357594/ it doesn’t look intentional, just either badly shot or badly worked. Find that line of where it looks unintentional and intentional.

    Just my note 🙂


    I see a lot of technical errors in  your shooting and some weird editing. You have some creative angles and viewpoints, and some of the subject matter is very interesting, but you need to start with a STRONG image and go from there. What camera do you shoot with? Is it a DSLR or a point and shoot? Not much you can change if it’s a point and shoot, but if it’s a DSLR and you’re set on Auto, read up on the basic features of shooting in Manual and how to change the settings, and then experiment. It’s all about getting correct exposure, white balance, and a crisp image. And if you’re editing on a free web editing service, just don’t do it! I see nothing good come from those, unless you want a goofy picture of your friends in a hot pink frame to post as your FB profile picture.


    I see a lot of weird coloring.  I’m not a fan of the editing on these at all.  Nothing looks “real”.  They look like snapshots that you tried to turn into something better, more creative, with your editing.

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