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    I’m biting my nails,wishing,praying,and hoping that I don’t fall into this category.

    I’ve been taking photographs for almost 3 years now..off of auto mode :p

    Even if others are impressed with my work,I don’t claim to be a pro.

    Learning about this art has been a long journey..but  I’m always down for the trip (:


    Ultimately,I hope I’m taking steps forward with my work,instead of walking like I’m on rewind.

    Any suggestions,CC,and advice is appreciated (:




    I’ll post more in the A.M.– My eyes are having seizures. (lol)


    The flower photo does not work for me because of the sharp edge of the leaf against the blur to the right of it.  It might look better at a different size, but as shown, I find it the focal point and jarring.  I suspect the purple flower should be the focal point but it is hard to get my eye over there.

    I know you intended to take the photo of the woman at an angle.  I’m just not much of a fan of that.  Sometimes it works really well, but if you can figure out the camera was tilted, then usually the image would be stronger if the camera were level.

    Tinypic does not look like a good place to display photos.  The ad on the left is competing with your photo, and winning!  Try a Flickr account, it is free, has a reasonable upload allowance for a free account and once you have uploaded there, you can include the photo here easily.  If you are not fond of Flickr, there are lots of others that are better than Tinypic.



    Thank you for the input cameraclicker! I appreciate it (:

    I had used tinypic as a quick way to host the images,so I can post it here.

    I have a flickr account now,So I’ll resubmit the photos soon..or provide the link. Thanks again!


    I agree with cameraclicker on all points.  You clearly know how to use your camera just choose your focal points more carefully.


    It hard to concentrate on the photo with the host you’ve used. Flickr is good, as mentioned. Google+ is great too or try zenfolio if you want you’re own website. I’m sure they do free accounts.


    Thank you for the input picarusslim (:

    I have provided my flickr link below for you guys/gals to view*

    (taking deep breaths) Thanks again!



    I definitely agree with Cameraclicker about the flower image. That’s the first thing my eye hit and even just changing your angle could help with the focal point.
    I looked at the flickr. Please, for your sake, lose the AC002 image. That is the only one I saw that screamed “fauxtog” and you should absolutely pull it. You have a great grasp on mechanics that I can see but that image made me raise an eyebrow and start second guessing. You never want that to be a reaction, so keep consistency and really… just get rid of it.


    Thank you for your input iliketag (:

    I pulled the image* You’re right..after carefully looking at it..I failed on that photo :/


    I agree, After looking at the flower photo,I should’ve change the angle..and focused more on it,as a whole.

    Thank you ALL for your input! I’m grateful for all the extra eyes,and knowledge you all have given me*

    I will continue to strive to be a better photographer..better than the one I was,yesterday.

    So,am I in the clear?

    eek! I hope so :/


    Dan Gleebitz

    Oh, so the OP didn’t like Flickr it seems.

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