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    Let me know what you think.


    I think http://500px.com/photo/3732506 would look better if you backed up an inch or two, and got the camera level, side to side and front to back.  Otherwise it is a good photo.

    The others are all of people I have no attachment to, quality varies but they are not of a quality that would make the front page here, which is a good thing.


    Since you are on 500px, you might enjoy this episode of The Grid


    Are you charging?


    If you’re in business, then yes, you are a fauxtographer.

    I agree with camera clicker.  The image he linked to is to me, your strongest image,  even though it just misses the mark.  The rest seem like snap shots, and lack in any sort of feeling and/or technical merit.  Your portraits aren’t yet to a marketable level, but at least you aren’t editing to the hilt.  If you are a beginner I think you have a nice start going, and it looks as though your understanding exposure.  Just take what you know a step further.  Think more about what you are trying to convey.  Study comp, color, light, lines and work on those black and whites, they’re a little off.  If your a pro, you’re a faux


    Your images aren’t bad for the most part (except one) in my opinion. The rest are so-so. You do seem to have a good understanding of exposure. Your composition however is not doing anything for the images. There are a few that the people have a nice expression and the images are sharp, but either your point of view is too high or the person is centered right in the middle. I like the quality of the light and color tones here: http://500px.com/photo/21230791 but the fact that one kid isn’t looking at the camera defeats the whole image, and you can see blur in his arm. You should have lowered your f-stop quite a bit. This one http://500px.com/photo/21230795 is sharp, but you are looking down at him, he’s right in the center, and the red bleachers in the background are quite distracting. This one http://500px.com/photo/6616314 I really do not like and you should remove it from your portfolio. Your other images are stronger. This one is way too dark and orange, it looks grainy and slightly out of focus, and the contrast is too harsh. A lot of background elements are distracting, like the garage door on the right and the tree that appears to be “growing” out of the woman’s head. No, your work would not end up featured on this site, but you should do a lot more practicing and reading up on photographic rules and technique before you take paying clients.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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