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    I wonder how Jay Li Photography feels about having their ad placed between the title and photo?  It makes them look like they are responsible for the photo!


    Placement of Pinestone’s ad is not ideal either, but we know they are a venue, not a photographer.


    Don’t have to worry about it with ad blockers, which are usually pretty good.


    It’s not about blocking the ad.  Nor is it about being unhappy with seeing the ad.  It is the perception the position of the ad creates when it is an ad for a photographer and placement is where it could be construed as having something to do with the photo being ridiculed.

    To the casual visitor, seeing the title “Baby Pacman”, or whatever the title of the day is, immediately above a text only ad for a photographer, like Jay Li Photography,  with a photo below that, suggests the title, photographer, and photo are all related.  The other ads on the page are obviously ads.  The Jay Li Photography ad looks like a credit for the photo.  I would be angry if that were my ad!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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