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    I rented this camera for a week to give a test run and it is AWESOME!

    For a crop sensor (which I love for the reach of some of my long lenses, especially when my daughter is in a school show, meaning I have to stand in the back of a 70+ meter auditorium to get shots without blocking other parents) the camera performance is FAR superior to my 50D in terms of speed of focus, burst rate,  low light performance at high ISO (above 6400), AF points. It’s essentially the little brother of the 1Dx, I’ve found. Others have said this as well.

    I know that DxO lays the smackdown on the sensor, but for my purposes I find it FAR SUPERIOR to what they are saying.

    Superior weather sealing, dual card slots, 10fps, dual digic 6 processors, same AF modes and speed of focus as my 1Dx – BUT on a crop sensor, one of my 200mm lenses is like a 320mm, and giving me an insane 480mm reach with a 1.5x teleconverter. And even though I lose a few stops of light with that setup, I found I can push the ISO to 12,000 and still get useable images for my purposes (ie., there’s noise of course at this level but I was happy to find I don’t have to push the NR in Lightroom so high that everyone looks like wax models.) With my 50D, maybe 3200 ISO is the highest I could go without the wax figures.

    The only advantage at this point I see in my 1Dx is the full frame sensor – which, for images of ISO 6400 and below, for MY PRACTICAL PURPOSES OF GETTING NICE SHOTS OF MY DAUGHTER AND HER FRIENDS in a photojournalistic way, I do not see any difference in image quality once I process them on LR 5.7. Crop sensors have come a long was since 2008.

    A friend’s son is taking photography in school, and was looking for a camera. I offered him my 50D for a loaner for the trimester, and I’m buying the 7D Mark II!! Yeah, me!! After the year’s spring school concert for my daughter I’ll have some really nice images, no matter where they place me.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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