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    Okay, so first off, long time reader (troll) first time posting anything.  I had to post this because me and some others have noticed an odd theme going on at 500px and its sickening.  500px has recently redone their editor choice people.  2 of the people they picked were Jake Olson and Suzy Mead.  Well right now both of them are just picking each others photos to become editors choice, and then Suzy had to take it one further step by taking her daughter to jake olson, lisa holloway and some other chick name sara something.  She then got all of them to throw their photos of her daughter on so that she could make her daughters photos all editors choice.  WTF is this world coming too and WHO THE FUCK does shit like that??  Apparently people are complaining and yet all of her daughters photos are still all up on editors choice.  People like this really piss me off.  They abuse their powers for nothing but themselves….sad and pathetic!

    Please tell me you guys feel the same?


    Short form of your rant: I witnessed nepotism in a public forum of which I am not a fiduciary; I don’t agree with it.

    My answer: You’ll see this again. It’s life.

    Tangential note: Dispense with profanities in an argument in which you are hoping to win supporters.


    nepotism runs deep in all levels of this and other businesses. Case in point: The top two travel magazines…

    Conde Nast Traveler: Pilar Guzman takes over in 2013 – her husband was the publisher at one point but moved over to GQ – another CN mag. Guzman brought on her friend and coworker Yolanda Edwards. Soon thereafter, Edwards husband, Matt Hranek started shooting features for the magazine.

    Travel + Leisure recently replaced their creative director with Gretchen Smelter. Shortly thereafter, Frédéric LaGrange started shooting for T+L. LaGrange is married to Smelter.

    TL;DR: start fucking the people that do the hiring.


    Please tell me you guys feel the same?

    Sorry, I’m not seeing the problem.  That may be because although I have an account there, my investment is the same as at this site.  Or, it could be that I go there so frequently that each time I have to take a moment and figure out their new layout.  Also, on logging in  and looking around, I discovered I look at Popular and Fresh when I am there.  I don’t think I have bothered with Editor’s Choice, so I don’t really care what they put there.

    As the others have pointed out, already, that sort of behaviour is pretty common.  Have you looked at the political system of almost any country?


    Don’t care. There are important things in life about which to care and just as many multiplied by infinity which matter little or nothing. Other people’s opinions matter little to me. That’s not meant to sound superior in any way. I just see society has become (more than ever) willing to allow themselves to be led rather than to think for themselves as to what is good and what is simply garbage and not worth wasting a moment of your precious life on. People should be spending more time on “what matters to me…what do I like…what do I care about” as opposed to allowing others to tell you. Exchange of ideas, information and so forth is great. It’s how we learn and I do come across great stuff every day and I’m grateful for the people who do share that and gives me an opportunity to become a better photographer. Unfortunately, the brainwashed masses do love to be told what is good/bad/right/wrong/popular/bygone/etc. Ad nauseam. People tend to think less for themselves about what matters and what should matter to them. Someone pushing their selection of what they think is great photos (or really, just about anything else in life) just makes me laugh about how sad their little lives must be that they need to do this in order to somehow elevate their ego. I only care about tripe like this when it directly or indirectly affects my life. Someone “picking” or pimping certain pics is sad and pathetic indeed and if nothing else just gives you the “head’s up” that anything they have to say in the future is most likely worth ignoring.

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