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I’ve never had anyone ask or inquire if my camera was full frame or not, but I do see that type of idiocy in photography groups and forums. It used to be that to have a sensitive enough sensor for low light, going full frame was best and kind of a necessity for pros that shot weddings and events, but now some cropped bodies are kicking some serious butt as far as high iso performance goes. Nah, sensor size just isn’t a make or break thing at all.

I personally prefer a cropped sensor, as I like to move in close and don’t like to crop out of camera at all, but not everyone shoots the same as I do, and maybe they would prefer a full frame because it would compliment they way they shoot better than a cropped body would. A beginner wouldn’t know why they wanted that full frame, they just think it’s the best, and so they have to have it.

BTW I shoot an X series too. I simply love it! I had no problem trading in my “bigger” camera for the fuji. It just feels right. Like you said it’s not as easy to work with (as in.. you don’t just fire the thing off) but it’s really rewarding, and I feel I put even more thought into my photos and even my snap shots than I ever did before. I’m hooked
To top it off, no one notices me out there anymore, and if they do they aren’t all impressed and interested like they were with my big ol dslr. I had one person actually come up to me and say “you should think about getting a real camera. A dslr is what you want. Then you can learn how to shoot better, and play with different settings”. I just nodded and thanked them. Then I had a couple people on separate occasions ask why I still shot film ;). People’s reactions and non reactions to the fuji, are definitely a plus for me.

Have you seen this video yet? If not I think I’d be right up your alley. Plus you could post a link to it every time an online discussion/argument over the subject got started. That’s what I plan on doing, and just did

and you might get a kick out of this blog too