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Tax write off people!

Agreed it makes little financial sense to be using the very best equipment when lesser gear will make do. In the camera world it is obvious why most photographers don’t use digital medium format. However when you get to crop cameras from CaNikon it makes little sense. A full frame camera will produce sharper images, better noise profile and have a better selection of lenses available. The price difference between a rebel and a 6D isn’t huge but put them side by side and do a comparison in typical event tog conditions and it will be a world apart. The fujis are interesting and perform very well, they also have a whole eco system of good lenses available. Micro 3/4 just doesn’t make sense to me unless you are doing both video and still where suddenly they make complete sense. The question you should ask yourself as a customer is why choose a photographer that doesn’t have the best gear available within reason? I doubt I would unless they could explain why they chose that camera be it for discreteness or for video capabilities or some other reason. True cameras are getting better and better by the month but why not aim for better than mediocre gear. For example, at the olympics there are usually segments where they look back at previous olympics. Next time you see it make note of how the image quality of the footage is improving each consecutive game. It is also like saying the gear we are using now are far superior to what say Adams or HCB used. While this is true they were using the very best gear available to them at the time so why should we not be doing that now? I don’t see a place for a mid range crop camera with a working photographer other than as a third body or something like a 7DII now that the venerable 1DIVs are getting worn out for some sport use.