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Oops lol whelp… I guess that just proves/shows I’m not a gear head. Exif data is something I just don’t ever pay attention too (unless I have to when viewing other people’s work) and don’t much care about. I know my fuji, and I knew my 7d, and I have rented a mark ll for 3weeks because I was told they were better, and I was considering a purchase. (My fuji is a better performer in low light and produced much less noise than the markll, but the markll DID add to my field of view. I didn’t really like that, and I found myself wanting to crop my pictures all the time, instead of being happy with the crop in camera, and in essence throwing away the biggest advantage to owning a full frame). That’s all the camera experience I have other than point and shoots and a little dabble in film for a few years. So I’m pretty unfamiliar with Sony and Nikon, etc. and can only go by my own experiences.
It was the first time I ever tried to look up professionals that use crop sensors, and I guess I failed at effectively getting my point across because I’m so unfamiliar. But, I know pros and serious shooters DO use them, and even some prefer them over larger sensors, and people seem idiotic (or possibly a better term would be outdated/out of touch) to me for saying you have to use full frame to be a real photographer, or that full frame cameras are somehow better. Crop and full both have their advantages and disadvantages period.
I think most who fall into the debate and say ff is better, and/or you need a ff to be a serious shooter or working photographer, are thinking in their heads of crop cameras equivalent to Aunt Sue’s rebel, and haven’t looked much further than that.
I know I’d never say “you need a cropped sensor to get the shots you are desiring”, just as I’d never tell someone they need a full frame to be a pro. It’s an individual preference.

Would I take my car to a mechanic that didn’t have metric sockets?
I honestly didn’t know there were different types of sockets.
I would take my car to a mechanic that I know does good work, or that was recommended to me.
Just as I would hire a photographer based on their portfolio, and not their camera size