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and trying to get back on the original topic

I think we can ALL agree with the original poster here.  Someone who buys a full frame without knowing why, and only because they heard ” They are better”, or claims no one can be a REAL photographer unless they shoot with a full frame, is asinine.  Regardless of what we shoot with and/or why we choose the equipment we do the previous poster was told they would never be a real photographer without a full frame.  When in most instances, it was more about miss use of light, exposure, composition, focusing issues, posing etc rather than the equipment.  I don’t think anyone should be told they NEED a full frame (or blah blah blah lens), because if they do need one to achieve the pictures they desire, or to make their picture creation more fluid or easier, they would already know it, and know why they wanted one.

I have a good friend that is a faux.  After just one year of shooting she bought a full frame because “They are better”, and she “Out grew her baby camera”.  Her photography has in turn become worse, because she never really took the time to get to know her equipment and doesn’t understand the fundamentals.  She has even more focusing issues now, and UGH I could go on and on.  My biggest fear is when she starts to seriously network… and one of her pictures ends up getting featured here.  It’s painful to watch, but she’s a pro now because she shoots full frame.  I belong to a large photography group on Facebook that is chuck full of full frame pros that seriously have no clue, because they all read online that “full frame is better, and to be serious/professional you NEED to shoot with a full frame camera”.  It’s detrimental to say things like that, rather than helpful I think.