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Mrs Woo

Okay – is this to save photography for the next generation and capture how we rebuild our future (i.e., loot it to save a stash for me) or is this to build the best possible camera to at least capture as much as possible and still survive the zombie onslaught?

Because if it is the former, I would pick up all the items that are still missing from my ‘perfect kit,’ load them into two wheeled Urban Disguise bags and find a good place to hide them.  Then I would pick up as many cards and spare batteries as I could and grab a Panasonic super zoom (my water proof one doesn’t do a bad job at all, but doesn’t zoom much, obviously) if the real goal was just to capture the action as it unfolded.  It would give me all focal lengths I could possibly need (yes, with some tradeoffs) with very little extra to carry and not much weight.   Further, since you would have to travel light, you’d have to suck it up and put everything in JPG format so you’d make the best use of memory, both the memory cards and whatever lightweight laptop you might be using to offload cards to, etc.  Efficiency would have to take the place of elegance, and learning the equipment available as quickly as possible, plus a strong background in composition, etc., would have to make up for the rest.

On the guns – definitely.  Knives – for emergency situations, but not to fight zombies – if they’re that close, you’d better hope you can outrun the rest of your party.  LOL

Electricity?  That’s what the solar battery charger I stashed was all about.