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I posted in another thread my thoughts about you before reading this, but after seeing this I got the impression that you do have at least some humility after all. Whether this thread was precipitated by a need to justify your previous posts, a need to tone it down after all the criticism you’ve been getting lately, or something else completely, only you can say.

I will never compete with the Adams, Petersons, Leibovitzs or McNallys of the world (do I get ridiculed for the names that inspire me?), but I’d like to think I can take a decent photograph every now and then. I will never consider myself a professional and I know all too well what it takes to be great so I’ll just be content being where I am with the drive to improve, but it will be at my own pace. Photography has, and will continue to be a creative outlet for me, and if some of the shots I take bring pleasure to others, so much the better. If there are offers of compensation for what I can provide, then great, but I will never solicit myself as a pro or ask for money until I can gain the respect of the photographic community. I’m perfectly content providing for my family in an IT capacity and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.