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I don’t think John Free is saying art/photography education is a waste of time.  He is saying you should qualify the school by looking at the instructor’s work before signing up for classes.  He is unfavourably impressed by instructors who don’t show their work and/or abuse students.  It’s not the diploma that’s important, it’s what’s in your head that counts.

I think he firmly believes in education since he teaches.  This is from his About page:  “I am a social documentary photographer. I have taught classes and workshops at USC, UCLA, Pasadena City College, Newport Art Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I have worked professionally at this craft for more than 30 years. For my personal work, I do street photography.”

I thought many of his points were salient to the critique discussions here.

The last Art class I took was in grade 8 and I have never taken a photography class, so I can’t comment on what schools are doing.  In his video he says learning comes from within and he stresses the need to be able to work the camera quickly and effortlessly because in street photography the critical moment is gone in an instant.  Perhaps his classes would meet your expectations.