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That video is really interesting CC – though I don’t agree with everything he says, I do like what he says about motivating people. But then again I disagree that art/photography education is a waste of time for all. Perhaps because I taught art for years before  becoming a full time MWAC lol! It’s like everything in life, it will suit some and not others – some thrive in educational environments while others work better when they get out into the field. One thing is for sure, you never stop learning.

My problem with photography education – though I’ve only studied it to a basic level so maybe it changes the higher you go – is that it never seems to incorporate both the technical and the artistic side, for me these are equally important. For example, all the basic courses I did, in adult education were only about the technical side, we never covered anything that would remotely suggest it’s an art form. Then I did A Level and we ONLY learnt about the art side – we didn’t cover one technical thing lol – it was a joke. Photography is an art but obviously the technical side is much more involved than most other mediums, so the art side and the tech side need to be taught in conjunction – which has never been my experience, and something I’ve found frustrating.