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Ebi, you made some good points and wrote it in such a way where I wanted to read it, without calling me an idiot, but maybe you were still thinking it. But this is exactly what Bill, Thomas, and I have been trying to stress—if you take the time for formulate your thoughts in an engaging manner, we and others will be more apt to want to read what you have to say. If people don’t want to hear what you have to say or they’re defensive and make excuses about your comments, that would be the time for you to move on and let them continue as they have been if they don’t value what should come across as insightful help.

I should clarify about the names I mentioned. I’m not a fan of everything any of them shoot, including Leibovitz. There are just some shots from her and the others that I find quite amazing and others that I don’t have much interest in. As with everyone, there are those photographers that catch their eye with some of said photographer’s images. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are photographers who have select images that invoke an emotional response from you, too.

When I talk about getting the respect of the photographic community, like Bill, when I hear from people that I have an great photo, it’s usually from family and friends. I learn nothing from that. But if such praise comes from a group of other photographers at a local gathering or submissions to an online forum or contest, I’m of the mindset that if those people find something in those photos, then perhaps I can expand on that and begin pitching my services to potential clients. Maybe that’s the wrong approach to take, but I suppose I’m just not comfortable yet in going up to someone and saying “Hey, let me shoot your wedding!” unless I have the validation from others that I could make a go of it, perhaps not full-time, but a gig here and there.

As with Thomas, I’d still love to see some of your work. You mentioned shooting a book in another forum and I thought you had mentioned writing a couple (perhaps it was just shooting them, too?). In any event, if you want to share the book titles, that would be great, but I’ll leave it at that if you would rather not say.

You still may not give a fuck about what I think, but I still felt something needed to be said to clarify my previous posts. In no way am I trying to monopolize the conversation.