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Ebi, It amazes me that you can come across as such a harsh bellend in other topics yet so intelligible and sincere in this one…
I’ll therefore continue my reply in response to this topic and it’s language only.

Critiquing people here isn’t as cut and dry as you make it sound. You don’t know the people here or where they are in their journey. If someone doesn’t mention that they have been doing photography for 12 months you can’t assume it’s been longer and so critique as if they have been doing it for 5 years. That’s not entirely your fault, you just seem to jump the gun a bit which is why you come across as unfair and harsh. Props to you for wanting to continue to improve and be greater, a lot of us do. I know I’m not where I want to be and I always critique my own work and know where I can improve and be more original. I would love to have such a creative mind that I come up with a new fashion in photography. Will it happen? Who knows. Maybe one day I’ll have an epiphany when I press that shutter button and stumble across something never seen before.

In a totally sincere way, i would love to see some of your work. Instead of telling people everything that is wrong with their images, why don’t you share some of yours and inspire them to become better? My site is and always has been linked under my user details here at YANAP. I have asked for critiques and has some very sound advice from users which i then put into practice. I DID learn something and now I’m the better for it.

As an aside – Some people may be happy where they are, making a wage from happy clients every month. If they don’t want to be great you can’t force them to be, so don’t waste your energy trying.