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I definitely plan on continuing to shoot and learn and grow in my abilities. As far as getting published and whatnot, that’s a different story. Right now, I’ll leave photography as one of my hobbies and keep on being an enginerd (better job security).

One of my many fears of making one of my hobbies my profession is that I will lose that passion somewhere along the way. It happened when I briefly considered life as a professional poker player. While that might seem ludicrous to some, it was very lucrative during the few years I played diligently. I found that when it became a job more than something to do for fun, however, I began to obsess over the swings, which made things worse. While this may or may not have the same effect on, say, moving forward with my aspirations to become a really good landscape photographer with a solid portfolio, I’d much rather know that I can pay the bills and live my lifestyle in my current profession. I feel that it makes my hobby more special since I have less time to do it.

Aaaand I’m rambling. In any case, thanks for the vote of confidence.