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Ebi – not meant to be condescending at all. I noted that I might have sounded a bit confusing. I originally typed up the response in the other thread to have an asterisk by the word “delivery” with a side note explaining that while I wouldn’t personally deliver news quite as succinctly as you, I do appreciate that you are – without a doubt – honest. That draft didn’t quite get saved before I hit the submit button…I blame the coffee. Apologies.

Thank you for the kind words! I don’t think I’m quite ready yet to move on to that phase with my photography…I still really consider myself quite amateur when compared to the other landscape photographers I know (personally know…not, like, Peter Lik). Hopefully I’ll learn enough along the way that, by the time I retire in about 40 years, I might have a decent enough portfolio that I can set up shop at an art fair or something.