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Ebi – I think you are showing your cards.

I thought this post was very insightful into why you critique the way you do.  I think it is fine to tell it like it is, but for some that is too much.  Like I said before, I would rather someone tell me what they don’t like about my photography instead of just getting that gratuitous “great job” or “nice pic.”  When I hear this, I just cringe.  Real world criticism is hard to take for some, but it’s REAL!

Some of this can be chocked up to taste.  Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors.  So like ice-cream, not every person is going to like your photo, but if you get 31 reviews and they all say the same thing, then it’s not taste, it’s you!

I knew this one photographer, met her at a book store and we started talking.  We exchanged info, I like to network with people and I checked out her work on her facebook page.  Cringe!  [Wish I still had the link to her page]

She had an eye for making good photos, but failed miserably in the execution.  Flowers with dead leaves, subjects out of focus or focused on wrong part, color and skin tone variances and even something simple like a level photo.  I made one tactful comment about her photo, boom de-friended.  Oh well, her loss.

She obviously could not take the criticism.  All her friends all had great comments of her work.  I was like, what are they freaking high?  Freaking Helen Keller could have taken a better photo, and she was blind.


Okay, I’ll stop before I rant and spare you all.  🙂