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ebi’s response to my photos that I asked for comments and “critiques” on was(“snapshots with watermarks are not professional, sellable or interesting…)”
I have sold a few of my photos and not because I tried to but because people wanted to buy them. I have one coming out as a book cover and I have donated 20+ to great causes and fundraisers in my area that have all done really well for the charity.
I’m not feeble or weak or easily offended but if this a proper critique of my photos than excuse me. I really don’t see anything constructive here in your comment. I’m not a pro nor do I sell myself as one, never taken an art class since jr. high school, never taken a photography course.
I got some actual critiques from others here on YANAP, no they didn’t say anything was great or even good but they gave insights and were somewhat civil and helpful. If I had your level of experience and skill I hope I would be a little more helpful in my critiques.
I too would love to see some of your work so I can be inspired.
Thanks again for your time, still looking for a link for your work.