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Nesgran said:

But doesn’t your assistant make things work much quicker than if you have to start fiddling with strobes hence increasing your productivity? So in reality it might not be as much a pay cut as his pay check.

Well, if i’m given three days to do a job and paid $4000 for the job and I pay my assistant $300 a day. I’m now making $3100 or $1000 a day instead of $1300. I could do the job on my own and pocket the $900, but $900 is worth it to me to not have to hassle with those things. Clients don’t really care about those things. They just want a bottom line. Normally, I would counter with $4900 to get my assistant paid for. If they don’t accept then I would do the job and see if my assistant will take $200-250, something that I hate asking them to do. If this is my only job for the month, then I am much more in need of that $900.

Thanks. I hope that i can continue to help.