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My first two photography course were taught by a brilliant photographer. I remember one of my classes happened around 9/11 and we had an assignment based on it the following week. There was a lot of unbelievably bad photography that week – mine included. (I’m kind of cringing while that entire semester plays out in my head right now.) Anyways, he brought in a bunch of really amazing photos – snapshots, btw – of his time in Afghanistan in the 80’s. He said the people were really friendly and he didn’t feel threatened at all. He said it would probably never feel like that for a white person in that land ever again.

After that semester he left for something bigger and better and the photography program went to shit. I wasn’t a photography majore though. I was a graphic design major. I continued to take photo courses here and there but I was trying to prepare myself for a more lucrative career. By the end of my college career I had enough with design and wanted to still be a photographer. Here I am 10 years later…