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@alarnold – baby steps.  The main thing I would do before worrying about the full legality part would be to do enough jobs to cover paying for insurance for you and your gear.  Even if you don’t have much, loosing a camera or accidentally knocking something over can be very detrimental to your wallet.

I remember being on a shoot and someone backed into one of my light-stands with a large soft-box and strobe, the soft-box and light-stand survived but the strobe shattered along with the modeling lamp.  Luckily for me it was one of my least expensive strobes about $300, but still having $300 smash on the ground by accident is very likely, especially of you shoot on location.  Do yourself a favor and get the insurance 1st before anything else, then talk to a professional CPA.

You do good work, so you should have no problem.

Also CC mentioned that your images appear to have a screen or pixel grid over them, I am seeing this to.  Is this by design?  Just wondering.  I have a 27″ retina screen, not sure if that has anything to do with it.  It seems to only be on the images on your slideshow on the home-page.

As for the loading speed, it seems fine to me, but I am on a fast machine with a cable modem so that may not be an issue where I am located.