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i’d drop that screen effect on the landing page. It’s not really doing anything good for you.

Some of your photos border on tacky hoochie mama shots. the kind of girls you see in poorly made reggae music videos. Reminds of the time I was the caribbean and the photographer asked a local guy to arrange some models for a US magazine shoot but didn’t vet the girls first and ended up with a beach full of…well I don’t know what they were exactly but they weren’t what he was expecting (they were totally what I was expecting, and I told him so…and then I told him, “I told you so”.)

When he complained, the local was like, “There is beauty on the inside”. And I busted out laughing hysterically.

example: http://www.photosbyanjanette.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/marisa1.jpg and http://www.photosbyanjanette.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/marisa2.jpg

but then you have stuff like this which is cute and playful and works well. you should stick to stuff like this:


Functionality wise, you should see if you can fiddle with your gallery viewer to get the next/prev to be tied to the image itself. It’s a bitch to keep your mouse moving around to find the little square.

Feels a little soft in the eyes:


Photos take a long time to load for me…but it’s likely to just be shitty time warner again.

As for styling in the modeling section..you should find a better stylist…it’s not good at all. How about some nudes?

You shouldn’t quit your day job. But you should keep workin’ it. It’s not horrible but it’s not great either. However, I will say that I think that I really didn’t start to improve, exponentially, until I DID quit the day job. I was kind of forced to do it. I probably would have never had the balls to do it on my own.