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@nairbynairb, I actually did put that on my home page. It was done on purpose. I’m also on the same screen resolution and I kept it because when I saw it on an iPad, my cell phone, and other screens, I thought it looked great. It was my favorite photo and I was pushing tooth and nail inside to keep it on. But it’s now off the home page, but not because you suggested to take it off. I looked at my Google Analytics, and apparently the top screen resolution was 1920×1080. That was the deal-breaker. I also agree that I’m not ready to give it 100%, and even if I do quit my full-time job, I will still do the web and graphic designing on a freelance basis or merge all my services together as one business. I wasn’t 100% happy with a couple of the Special Occasion to be honest, so I removed them.

I was going through my files and there were many images over 1 MB that slipped through the cracks, so I optimized them again and made sure the file sizes were under 700 KB. My website being slow on people’s computers is a big concern. Before I did that, it wasn’t slow to me, and I’m running on Mac Snow Leopard with 4GB of ram and cable internet. Hopefully reducing the file sizes the images solved that problem.

– I am not yet legal. I am trying to get there. I am looking to getting liability insurance first. Depending on how things go with the photography (like if I get paid work practically every weekend), I will consider getting a business license, tax-ID, etc.