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@ebi – I was laughing when you mentioned your Caribbean trip about the photographer asking a local to scout for ladies. I agree, their standard of “beauty” is so much different from the US. I did a study abroad in the Virgin Islands during college. My roommate, who was originally from Anguilla, was overly-confident about her appearance because many guys thought she was “hot”, but she would be considered average-looking in the US.

As for models, I think the picking are slim when you’re new. Also, it depends on your area. I live in Vegas where fake boobs, plastic, and hoochie girls are the standards of beauty. When I was first shooting models, I was doing trade for print shoots with people from Model Mayhem, so I can build my portfolio. There was a time where most of the people I was shooting were on the verge of being like those hoochie video vixens that you see on rap music videos. Eventually, I got more and more pickier with shooting with models. I now prefer taller, high-fashion models, who are at least 5’8 and slim.

– Yes, I understand baby steps are important. I’m looking to get liability insurance because there is this studio owner who rents not only her space, but also her equipment for a cheap price, but she requires insurance. Also, I would get hassled less on locations if I tell the management that I’m insured. I will talk with a CPA down the line to see what my options are only if I get an overwhelming amount of work. As for my website, the pixel grid is on there by design. I wanted a free WordPress template that showcased my photographer better. This was my old design (http://dev.photosbyanjanette.com). The idea came from this photographer, Dean Zulich, who was the runner-up on VH-1’s The Shot, and I wanted my website to look similar to his – http://www.deanzulich.com/. I was happy there was a similar template out there for free.

@Browneyegirl – I’m glad you’re seeing a progression in my work. Even if I was a more successful photographer, I am not going to drop my main bread and butter. I still love web and graphic designing, but photography has taken over this past year because it’s just new and exciting for me, just like when my web career took off almost 8 years ago. In fact, in the far, far future if I get enough work and clients, I’m looking to run my own marketing and media agency that offers web and graphic design, online marketing, branding, and photography. I’ve worked with enough re-branding and change of ownership projects to find out that photography has always been left out in the cold because the company has spent a lot of money on re-branding and renovations. I’ve been part of web launches to find out that the company barely has enough product shots and ends up using stock photography.

I think with the over-saturation of  photographers in the midst of fauxtographers, being a full-time photographer is dying breed. Today, I just met with a photographer who went to school in 80’s and really knows his stuff, but can’t sustain enough business to support his family, so he’s a financial planner full-time.