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Panic over,he now has a new logo,so photos are bound to be better right?.For goodness sakes,a change of name,a new logo,these things dont improve your photos or get you any more business.Taking a good photo might be a good place to start,a name change/new logo changes nothing at all.If you really want to be accepted as a pro,first of all,act like one,and second take good photos and leave the ego out of it.Also a true professional would have 2 cameras and not have to borrow from a friend when your camera is being fixed.Also a pro would not shove up every single shot from a photoshoot,and not ( so it seems) pay any attention as to whether they are sharp/focused etc etc first.Seriously how can photos be so obviously out of focus to others but people still praise these idiots that call themselves pro’s and tell them how great there photos are.


Quote from his fb page………….I’m Mike and I am a Plymouth based professional photographer.

Another quote

I specialise in live music ( THIS MUST BE A SAMPLE OF HIS SPECIALITY THEN)…https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.468818399827910.109621.100000992621355&type=3

(c) 2013 Mike Pitches Photography – not to be used or copied in any way without our express permission.

( does make me wonder who would want to steal his photos)


Some great event photography here ( another type of photography he claims to specialise in )..https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.447805451929205.104513.100000992621355&type=3