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On the pecan and pinecone images. I specifically wanted to incorporate “nature” shots with the portraits BECAUSE I so heavily incorporate shots of nature in my shots of families. Does that make sense? I actually do take those kinds of images and include them with family portraits. Whether or not clients want that is basically where I think folks would or wouldn’t choose me as a photog. Anyway, think I should still keep them? I liked the colors, the “Feel” of nature…etc. I’m divided myself on them.

I personally think there should be more of a link between the nature shots and the portraits, I don’t know how, but if there was a clearer connection between your nature close-ups and the family/kid portraits, I think this would work well, like say, a straw doll a kid (you) made for example. Also, if you want to do it, have more interspersed between your images and from earlier on; at the moment there are only 2 near the end and the fact that they didn’t appear before and there’s only a couple, make them appear somewhat random and a little disjointed in the series.