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Bill, I’d like to applaud you for noticing the “lack of passion” (hah) I have on the about page. I respect anyone out there trying to improve their craft, but sometimes I think everyone is reading the same “how-to” blogs and writing the same stuff. ¬†Or maybe everyone does have a passion, and we’re all really inept at delivering that any other way- myself included!

Thanks for your helpful input. I am sensitive to not making the website too messy. I like streamlined. Simple. Easy. Clean. Basic is not necessarily where I want to end up, so will keep chugging away at it.

And yes, hair in the faces! Thanks for that. I actually like it in the 1st photo, but not in the 2nd.

Finally, I’m having no luck on turning off Auto-Play for the Gallery. If anyone out there has insight (Squarespace “ishimoto” template) I’d love help!