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I like the ease of navigation, as for website friendliness, I wish the camera roll of photos rolled out more smoothly.

Not sure how you can better present that except using all photos the exact same size.  I have this problem with my hosting provider.  I use Zenfolio and for my slideshows, let’s say the 1st image is 600×800, and the 2nd is 800×600 it throws the entire presentation off.  But yours scrolls from the side, that’s why I say, not sure sure how easy that is to fix.


This is my OCD or maybe my 3rd beer for tonight talking, the 2  black girls on the very beginning of the slide/camera roll, the 1st girl has a hair on her right cheek and the 2nd has a hair covering her lip.  I find those distracting, easily fixed but distracting.  To me, it is attention to the finest detail, but none of us are perfect, including myself.

Anyway, everything else I can think of has already been mentioned.  A bit more detail would be nice, it’s basic, but maybe a bit too basic, but nice.

The one thing that I love that you didn’t do is use the word “Passion” in your about page.