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I’ve given slight discounts to friends who’ve asked me to shoot their weddings. (I don’t advertise I shoot weddings, I don’t really have the time or desire for it- but have done for friends and 2nd shooting).

One time a former co-worker asked me to shoot her wedding (long story short I had no desire to due mainly to the fact that she and her bf/fiance broke up a few times and it didn’t seem like a good situation/ turns out he left her at the altar when they finally were going to get married, poor girl) and she asked me my price. I said “generally around $xxxx amount depending on the wedding and that includes professional editing and the images on a disk for you.” (I didn’t plan on a discount for her since she wasn’t really a friend of mine, but estimated the price based on what I offer and the quality.)

Her response was “$xxxx? That’s insane! I don’t want all that editing and stuff, I just want all the pictures!” I said “Well, I always edit my work because that’s part of the process, and that’s what I charge….”